LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Demo

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Demo, Parts 1 & 2! Recorded in 1080p HD, with MarioDragon & GenaralSkar. I will be doing a full story line walkthrough, probably not the collectibles (the demo has shown there are going to be many...).

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Good to see you on WikiGameGuides. I haven't seen you since you did all of those Lego Guides for NGW.

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@mario11168 Nice gamerpicture do you know what pack you got it from ?

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@Brodyitis I've been here since forever, but I haven't done feature-worthy games since LEGO Star Wars III (which was featured for about a week lol)

@RareDaniel it came with Rock Band 3, I got it from getting some achievement by playing Expert Keys or something..

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