HD Capture Card Overview

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For those of you who want just the image, click here.
This can also be found in the Forums when it doesn't show up on the front page anymore.

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I think I will get an SD rig before I invest in anything that expensive. Still, I think this information should be included on the homepage.

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There's a couple things here I have to change later, as the 360 Slim might actually have HDCP meaning some of my opinions won't have much standing.

Maybe I should make one for SD setups, although it'd have to be a tutorial since the only SD card I've ever used and know to work correctly is a Dazzle, but that thing can run on an old Pentium IV making it more practical.

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That would be very helpful.

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The HD PVR costs 182€ according to Amazon.

The others I didn't find on Amazon.

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Hm, may be safe to assume they're 140-190 in euro's/pounds, probably less numerical value in pounds.

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Good review. I was thinking of buying a capture card sometime in the future and this has definitely narrowed my descision. Thanks!

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@KodRaiN the problem with that is it's HDMI only, which basically means no recording except for the 360, and if you have the 360 Slim then that would be a waste of $100, because of HDCP. It's kind of stupid people are putting HDCP on everything instead of just movies, which is what it was made for.. Curse you Intel and your encrypting ways..

Also I have never used that card, so I can't give any information on it other than what is told in the specifications, which means it'd be kind of pointless for me to add (I've used all three of the card's mentioned a whole lot, which I believe gives me a basis to suggest to people).

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If people want to record in HD, I would recommend getting Fraps and a good PC, although we all konw that higher end PCs costs thousands a year to maintain.

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Yes Ares, I agree. Especially if you want to record something like God of Wa- oh wait...

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Saw someone using this to stream L.A. Noire, good quality. I'm a noob at dollar, so no idea what the prize is.


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I would most certainly invest in a SD capture card, just to tinker around before I committed myself and spent some real cash. Unfortunately, recording in SD means playing in SD and i don't think i can go back.

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