Mailbag Monday September 9th - Beer Paraphernalia

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Today's Email

I might be incredibly late to this, because back in... late 2011? I didn't have a steady stream of cash as I do now. BUT, I was curious if any of the koozies were still available for purchase?
I've been wanting one for quite awhile now to use while watching the Drink Alongs and streams, or just any occasion where a beer will be in my hand!

Whether you still have any or not, keep up the sexy work! I've been enjoying the John and Dan combo since NextGenWalkthroughs and I love seeing you guys moving forward in the internet world.

Game on, you fuckers!

Dylan B 

max_power's picture

So glad you guys are doing another Amnesia drink along!  The first one had me laughing my ass off several times.  Assuming you are up for it, I've heard good things about Outlast as well.  So possibly a future drink along with that game as well?

As far as WGG merchandise, I think bottle openers would be cool.  Even some customized pint glasses would be pretty badass, though they would obviously be more expensive. Just throwing that out there. 

Scumbagb3n's picture


Controller shaped bottle openers?

other_barry's picture

WGG themed pogs, imagine you guys will be responsible for bringing back pogs, legendary.