Mailbag Monday November 5, 2012

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Johns face after that first bite was priceless!  Everything else looks delicious.  Also, poor Carl.

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A rich source in folate wtf lol You should make vegemite Carl's treat for being good.

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@noobsauceG7 please make a gif that was hilarious

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Cadbury's chocolate, one of the best things about living in England.

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I love seeing the kind of candy other countries carry that Americans can't get, and I'd love to try a Tim Tam. Maybe I'll send you guys a package for Christmas, but I'm a bit dry on cash for this month. At least I actually remembered to use the Amazon affiliate link when I bought $700 of Assassin's Creed console bundles and collector's editions last week. 

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The assholes at the post office only had that size box in Christmas style. Did you butter the toast before because thats important, and only a little scraping of the Vegemite's one of those foods that people love/hate. Also the origin is the waste from breweries when food was scarce after WW1. I though that you might like a beer by-product.

Any other requests?

Also this:

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Vegemite is delicious, but unless you've really built up a resistance to it from years of childhood eating, you can't really slather it on like Nutella, you've got to go scraping. Drop Bears are these deadly animals that we've got, they hang down from trees and drop onto some poor fool's head, and rip out their throat. Dangerous fucks.

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Just looked Drop Bears on Wikipedia, guess what comes up.

Now you have the repellant, spread that Vegemite whenever you go to Australia. :)

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nah thats quality bullshit
you really have to look out for those drop bears
dangerous little fucks

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Australia? Isn't it this stuff they eat in UK, too? We tried that in an english lesson in elementary school and I remember it tasting like a soup spice over here.

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@Tyrael Never heard of it before and I live in UK.

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Now, wouldn't you be talking about Marmite? That's the one that I reckon is popular in the UK.

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Ah yeah that is it =D Mixed that up. So what does Vegemite taste like?

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