Mailbag Monday November 12, 2012

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Aw shit. Simpsons Hit and Run was my favourite game of all time.

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What do you feed Carl to give his coat such a shine? I remember playing Hit and Run a while ago on a PS2 it was pretty awesome.

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I remember playing Simpsons Hit and Run back when it came out.  It was pretty cool back then, interested to seeing how it holds up!

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Hit and Run is probably the best Simpsons game ever made

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Nice to see you got the package, I'm kind of paranoid when it comes to sending stuff but I'm glad it got there. I should have specified what Simpsons game but it went over my head. It worked on the console i have (which is the big white one from 2008) and it played out pretty smoothly. There are cheats to the game but do them after you finish the game or do them during fuck it I don't care it is your Drink along you guys have fun with it

The book is part 1 of a trilogy and if you guys like it i can send over the other two. I first found the book a couple years back in my high school library of all places and loved the shit out of it.

When i was typing the comment about the bobblehead being mint condition, i was thinking of Comic book guy saying it in his voice.

Dammit, if I didn't work at nights I would have been watching the live stream and thanking you again and again for posting this video.

Anyway, i hope you guys enjoy all those things in the near future.

Alex P (doubledare100)

PS: I am going to defeat you Dan even if have to risk my soldiers lives a thousand times over (said in a heroic manly voice)

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I have been waiting for this Drink Along for a long, long time. Crack open the Duff and get ready to laugh.

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I remember playing The Simpsons Hit and Run on the PS2, its my favorite Simpsons game.

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That mantle is getting pretty full.

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