Mailbag Monday Jan. 20, 2014 - Broncos in the Super Bowl and Legal Weed

Broncos in the Super Bowl, baby! Stoner Bowl? Super Bowl CDXX? Weed Bowl? It's too easy.

Media Overload:

Stanley Parable
Dead Rising 3 DLC Jan 21st
Happy Hour Dark Souls streams (M-F 6-8PM ET)
2 Chimps Podcast on iTunes (new episode Tuesday)
2014 New Releases

This week's question:

How many of you share Netflix or HBOGo or other streaming account with a friend? Do you share the bill? Or just leech?

This week's email:

First off, here's a shout-out to you guys from Vanderbilt University, down in Nashville, Tennessee. I've kept up with WikiGameGuides for about 7 years now (dating back to the release of Gears 1), back when WikiGameGuides was NextGenWalkthroughs, and I love the walkthroughs, Happy Hours, Drink Alongs, and everything else that goes on on the site. I think it's really cool that you guys manage to make your living through video games, so keep up the great work.

Second: I don't know if you've ever talked extensively at length about this subject, but what's your opinion of fiber-to-the-premises networks (e.g. Google Fiber, Gigabit Squared's initiatives in Seattle and Chicago, Chattanooga's municipal fiber network, etc.), and what do you think is the future of that? Admittedly, this subject is old news, but I was curious about your take on the whole situation, as I seem to recall you bitching in the past about Comcast's speeds/customer service and figure you might have something interesting to say about the emergence of fiber-optic networks.

Anyway, keep on streaming during Happy Hour, drinking, making Drink Alongs and guides and podcasts, and generally being your awesome selves.

- Charles W.

TurMoiL911's picture

I share my Netflix account with my sister. I pay the entire subscription fee because she used to always pay for stuff for me, so I'm just paying it back this way.

getrdun21's picture

TurMoil its the same for me too however I sometimes feel like I am starting to pass what my brother has gotten me because stuff I have gotten him along with paying the bill haha. Good thing Netflix is so cheap!

Scumbagb3n's picture

Smoke a super bowl for me mate.

ryanbashaw's picture

Seahawks gonna smash them fools!!!!!

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