Mailbag Monday - Game On From Germany! (January 6th, 2014)

Thank you very much RAM1313 for the amazing German chocolates and beer!

You can email Mailbag questions to, or send snail mail to:

1667 Vine St.
Denver, CO 80206 

kRN's picture

Man. I wish Dan all the best in his app development. Hope you're able to keep up with the work single-handedly.

From what I know the blue and white diamond pattern flag is the flag of Bavaria. 

Game On!

explicit_baron's picture

Will Dan be returning after his app is finished? Please do a podcast soon even if it's only an hour to properly update fans about, Dan, the site and what's happening in the future.

By the way Kinder is the best chocolate on the planet. It puts American candy bars to shame.

ryanbashaw's picture

Yo long time viewer not so much poster. Just wanted to say Dan is the man and wikigameguides will never be the same without the duo together. Hope to see you guys reunite playing the Simpsons 2k14 game. Memories lol

RAM's picture

Haha, someone's trying to steal my name! But really, that looks like a fantastic gift! Sorry to hear about Dan not being able to be around as much, wishing him the best of luck in all that hes doing. And to confirm, the flag is of the state of Bavaria, whose capitol, Munich, contains the Hofbrauhaus

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