Mailbag Monday December 24, 2012

Benjamin Weeks's picture

Those look nice good to see its the original Star Wars.

explicit_baron's picture

I am not a star wars fan but that is one awesome gift. Nice job Mike.

swu's picture

Next task: the Holiday Special Blu-ray.

Scumbagb3n's picture

Apart from the dodgy looking unlabelled discs this looks like an amazing gift.

GuardianJosh's picture

@ explicit_baron

You get the fuck out of here. Y U NO LIKE STAR WARS?!

explicit_baron's picture

@guardianjosh i just never got into it. I did enjoy the new 3 films even though everyone hates them. I've seen the old ones many in chunks and they just bore me. I think the series is overrated.

epnrroz's picture

Sweet gift! This reminds me of an EXCELLENT description of Star Wars from the perspective of somebody that doesn't really know much about Star Wars:

Covalant101's picture

Fantastic gift ! The Phantom Menace Blue Ray should have Jar Jar Bink's face on the cover ;)

Charlie Walker's picture

Holy shit that is awesome. Super Jealous 

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