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Today's email:

I just want to say that I loved the Plants vs Zombies 2 ProTips video about swiping versus tapping, not because I play PvZ but because I would like to see more 'strategy' (not just 'walkthrough') videos for new and upcoming games on WGG. I think they are very helpful and an awesome way for users to improve their experience with the game and also WGG.

I've been following NGW/WGG since before 2 Chimps Ep 1 and am a huge fan (sorry I haven't sent anything in yet). I love what y'all (I was born, bred, and buttered in Texas, so fuck you) do and I wish John, Dan, and all of the other contributors (kowbel and br1zzo and everybody else) the best!


PS Go Cowboys! (lol fuck you)


plasmalaser1's picture

Considering how many times you shit on Call of Duty, it's surprising you're wearing a Ghosts shirt John. Finally selling your soul to Activision?

Josh Kowbel's picture


It's actually a shirt he got from E3 after sitting in on a demo of Call of Duty: Ghosts (I have one to). It's just an extremely comfy shirt you would never know belongs to a video game if you're not familiar with them. 

John Tarr's picture

@plasmalaser1 Like Josh said, it's actually a comfy shirt with a good design. Most free giveaway shirts look like garbage and are terribly designed so I don't keep them, but I like this COD Ghosts shirt.

ExplicitDQ's picture

That's a little PRO - tip from John & Josh.

Scumbagb3n's picture

Nice to see these as regular updates.

Send them some shit people!

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