Mailbag Monday #8 - Canned Koala

explicit_baron's picture

I seriously thought that was going to be canned koala meet just like John.

MarioDragon's picture

Has to be fake, the words are right side up.

FanBoy93's picture

My cousin received a beaver in a can once. I didn't expect it to be an actual beaver.

imthatoneguy's picture

"i have no idea-"

"anthrax. lots of anthrax" 


Scumbagb3n's picture

Ah, they must have sent the wrong can, the joke can!

Lol jk-  Koala has to be eaten fresh.

Kcire's picture

Nice! Excellent gift Scumbagb3n.

sargeant smiles's picture

I love how you pronounce "australia".

It's wrong.

Tyrael's picture

How is it right?

Trident36's picture

hahahha great gift

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