Madden 25 Drink Along - The Broncos (Barely) Redeem Themselves

I have been waiting since the untimely end of the Broncos 2012 season to beat the Ravens. Hopefully Manning can do it in real life next Thursday on opening day.

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to take gameflow off in the settings before you start the game where you pick the weather, at the very top it says gameflow change that to conventional and it wont auto pick your plays anymore..... also as some one who plays madden a lot this was painful to watch.

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I haven't played a football game in years. Quarterbacks still kick home runs into the basket, right?

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graphics don't look that great to me, probably a matter of my computer or the fact that it's in 360p. technically, doesn't look as smooth as previous iterations, what other functions are within Madden 25? as far as i know, i'll stick with my tried and true madden 10

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Nice video. That would be awesome if you made these matchups a weekly occurrence.  With that said, this game still looks like the same broken shit that EA keeps peddling year after year.  The dropped interceptions look absolutely ridiculous.  Especially after there were literally over 5 of them in a 20 minute game.  

RIP NFL 2K series.  

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How do you Americans watch this sport?! I have no idea what the hell is going on, maybe its because I'm British.

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