Livestream Tonight! Slender (Update: Added YouTube Version)

Missed the stream? Want to watch me scream like a little girl again? Watch the recorded version.

Time for another horror game livestream.

Slender official site

Slender is a short, experimental horror game in which you must travel into a dark woods at night, with a simple goal: find 8 pages that are scattered across the woods. But as you are looking for them, you are being stalked by an entity that grows more persistent and relentless as each page is collected, an entity that you cannot even look at for long, let alone fight. Your only hope is to collect all 8 pages before it catches you….

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Fucking wind storm screwed up the Internet up here in Alaska and I missed the stream podcast, Ohhh well, all is good. Remember John it hates the lantern.

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Make sure you girls scream just as loud as you did for Amnesia. 

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The face cam is going to make it so much better.  This time when John hides we will actually see what goes down.

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John, please consider downloading a few other horror mods before you live stream, as Slender is very, very short. You could also try SCP 087, SCP 087-B, and SCP Containment Breach, but it is all up to you. Although if you're only doing Slender, expect a fifteen minute livestream.

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You guys are doing Slender?  About bloody time!  All joking aside, this looks to be an awesome livestream, and I would also recommend playing Where Am I, another short horror game made by the same people who made slender, so short it only took two days to make it.

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Will you put the Video online later? My internet connection is not fast enough to watch streams =( And this will be at around 5 am over here.

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Well I guess I need to make another best of...

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Splendid, my good sirs. I shall revel in anticipation at the impending altercations! Marvelous.

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@XION Thanks, I didn't realize Slender was that short. I downloaded SCP Containment Breach

@Tyrael Yup I will upload the recorded stream to YouTube tomorrow

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I watched one of your amnesia drinkalongs after smoking some shnit, I very nearly shat myself. Can't wait for  A Machine for Pigs.

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This sounds bone-chillingly horrifying. I can't wait.

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Sorry I missed the LIVE but still a good time. Thanks,

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