The 10 Commandments of Drink Alongs

In response to John's open request during the Darkness 2's Drink Along, I've taken it upon myself to canonize the ten main occurrences for which one must take a drink.

By no means do I present this list as authoritative, and I welcome any and all efforts made to refine the Ten Commandments of Drink Alongs.

1.  Take a drink whenever they get an achievement.
2.  Take a drink whenever they die or do something stupid.
3.  Take a drink whenever they climb a ladder.
4.  Take a drink whenever anything sexy shows up on-screen (i.e. titties).
5.  Take a drink whenever anything impressive, scary, gory, or otherwise remarkable happens.
6.  Take a drink whenever the game glitches out.
7.  Take a drink whenever a new combo, execution, or similar ability is first discovered.
8.  Take a drink whenever one of them is proven wrong or forgets something.
9.  Take a drink whenever they quote The Simpsons.
10.  Take a drink whenever either of them (but usually Dan) farts.

Scumbagb3n's picture

What about dare drinks, bosses, easter eggs, collectables and unskippable cutscenes?

Josh Kowbel's picture

I would delete the executions rule on the grounds that they fall into the something remarkable happened category. I do believe collectibles require a drink on the other hand, mainly because the last thing either Dan or John do is actively search for pieces of trash. Good post by the way, although I doubt John or Dan will remember to follow a majority of these rules while playing.

John Tarr's picture

I think of our rules as more of our Bill of Rights, not our 10 Commandments; we can add or remove rules at any time :)

Great post!

TurMoiL911's picture

I always thought Simpsons quotes or references didn't count for drinks because that was something you guys actively did and had control over, or at least that's how you guys operated for your first few Drink-Alongs. (Killzone, Portal, Bulletstorm, etc.)

Charlie Walker's picture

^ Shuuut upppp.

plasmalaser1's picture

Thank you John separation of church and alcohol poisoning!

TheDumbMonkey's picture

Gotta love the ladder drink. Thank you, Duke Nukem Forever!

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