Let's Play: Halo 3 (MCC) Sierra 117 - Legendary Difficulty

Join Alex and Simon for the first episode of their first ever Let's Play series. Follow along as the pair try and make it through Halo 3 Legendary while attempting to figure out exactly how the absurd scoring system works.

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Holy cow Alex died a lot, and Simon is a goddamn drill with that BR Great to see you guys spreading out a little bit though; I'd love to see more LPs in the future.

To put Alex's 18GB number is perspective, at a reasonable internet speed of 10 Mbps, that's 4 hours to download. It's nearly DOUBLE the combined size of a double-A game such as Saints Row IV and ALL of it's DLC. I don't really care that it's a patch for 4 different games, it's a PATCH. That's absurd.

Having never really played any Halo game for the score, it seems to me that the the reason your score dropped to <1000 at the end is because you took too long and died too frequently. Throughout the second half of the video it's constantly dropping as the multiplier reverts to 1 (I suspect it starts declining if you run over the par time), and I think all penalties (like the -100 for death) are removed from the base score rather than the multiplied score to make it that much more punishing.

If I can give some feedback though, maybe get a little more consistent and active of an introduction? The audio in the first 12 seconds or so is really weird; silent intro, then the menu BGM, and then a very sudden cut to Alex's synching didn't really work for me.  Other than that, the content was interesting and I enjoyed the fact that you guys seemed really into it, unlike some other Let's Plays. Keep it up!

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