Let's Play: Halo 3 (MCC) Pt. 6 The Ark - Legendary Difficulty

Welcome back, everyone. After a short break Alex and Simon are back with a special double-length Halo Let's Play where they try and find out how many ways you can die in a variety of vehicles. Turns out it's a lot. Start checking in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for new videos.

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Between the Youtube Comments thing and the Ride of the Valkyries-themed Gausshog I may have actually killed myself laughing.


If I may weigh in (yet again) on the topic of The Clone Wars, Alex knows his stuff (I'm impressed!)

  • The 2D animated series was OK, maybe even good. Worth watching if you're a fan.
  • The 3D movie was OK, but not really worth watching.
  • The novelization of the 3D movie was quite good. Of note, it was written by Karen Traviss and is actually what caused me to pick up the rest of her books.
  • The 3D animated series is OK. There's, what, about 110 episodes or so? I think, of those 110 episodes, I would have been happier if about 70 or 80 of them never happened. 30 to 40 are pretty decent, and the rest are just painful to watch.
  • If you are going to watch them, Alex is correct that all 5 and a half seasons are on Netflix. I'd recommend watching them in release order, but I can come up with a list that skips over the crap episodes and saves you 25 hours of your life, because some of them are really not worth watching.
  • After realizing that TCW Mandalore and RepCom Mandalore were very different, Lucas & Co. sort of rationed it out. And actually, it makes sense.
  • Even prior to the Legends/Canon split following Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm, the system of Mandalore is large enough that TCW Mandalore and RepCom Mandalore are not mutually exclusive. Sundari and Keldabe, the capital cities from each government, could be (and likely are) continents apart.
  • Following the Legends/Canon split, pick which one you like more. Legends timeline material is still being written, so if Disney is willing to try to mend that broken bridge Traviss could still come back.
  • Interestingly enough, even prior to the slight retconning of TCW Mandalore and RepCom Mandalore, the Death Watch is identical (or near as can be) in both versions (excluding the bullshit about Maul's supercommandos. Like I said, 70% of the TCW episodes are crap and the series would be better had they never existed.)
  • Traviss' 5 RepCom books (and the game from which they originated) are all fantastic, and it SUCKS that RepCom 2 and ImpCom 2 got cancelled for various reasons. However, Traviss did release an outline of ImpCom 2 so that fans would get some closure.
  • The new Rebels animated series is complete crap. I couldn't get through more than a couple episodes. I understand that it's aimed at a much younger demographic but it's almost on the level of cartoons a la SpongeBob.


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