Let's Play: Halo 3 (MCC) Pt. 5 Floodgate - Legendary Difficulty

Alex and Simon venture into the second half of the game as the Assassin's Creed discussion continues and Alex tries his best to stop getting lost in a game where you can only go forward. The pair also discuss revamps to the site and the Weekend Short-takes.

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Bwahahaha those comments.

The headshot mentality in videogames is because characters function on a health system, and in an attempt to mimic reality headshots are more damaging than body shots. In real life, a headshot will kill you, but in a combat situation you're going to be lucky to even manage to hit center mass and for anybody not wearing body armor a bullet to the chest will end the fight just as quickly as a vapourized brain. It's all a question of time-to-kill, which in real life depends a lot more on actually hitting the target and not being killed yourself.

And hey, you guys don't completely suck! Huzzah! I said this before but Alex finally realized that your score starts to decrease once you go over the part time.

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@ OmegaZero Yea, thats the tricky thing about recording a bunch of videos at once and then releasing them over a period of time, there's no ability to go back and acknowledge that we learned stuff from y'all pointing it out in the comments. On the plus side though, you guys get to enjoy watching us be buffoons until we eventually figure it out

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