Halo: Anniversary Edition(Combat Evolved) and Halo 4




Mater Chief awakens to a screaming Kortana trying to wake him up out of his crio stasis as the ship is getting torn to pieces and they must  escape before they get blown up. Halo 4 is the next in a new trilogy  and it is being helmed by 343 Studios. The  previously worked on the Halo anime "Halo:Legends", they were previously given control of Halo: Reach were from there they began making map packs as Bungie stepped down from the Halo series. Halo 3 was loved by all halo fans and a sequel was something nobody thought would ever come. Now that its here theres gonna be alot of expectations but in the hands of one of the original Halo: Combat Evolved creators Frank O'Conner the game will be going in the right direction.


Halo:Anniversary Edition is a remake of Halo:Combat Evolved  with new graphics, multiplayer, new voice, and a new team. 343 was tasked with bringing back a classic and with one of the original creators of Combat Evolved Frank O'Conner  i think that this will be something to play that will bring back memories for everyone that enjoyed it  10 years ago.

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halo remake looks awesome. Did anyone notice the Ubisoft guy, Mr. Caffeine, steal the Wayne's World/explicitd sweatpants diaries reference.

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boner achieved

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my boner was achieved when she screamed Master Chief

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