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Several weeks ago, I challenged the WikiGameGuides community to contribute more reviews in hopes that we’d see a greater influx of blogs and welcome some newcomers to our ranks. I am very happy with the turnout given the difficulties be they financially or the writing itself. I received a handful of private messages from recent registers asking how I would like their submissions (although they haven’t followed through with the process) and others asking me to view their previous work. However, none of the reviews I have read are quite at the level of quality I’m looking for – the main culprits being poor grammar and absent punctuation.

If WikiGameGuides is to eventually gain Metacritic acceptance, we need the most well-written reviews to represent the site. I do not wish to discourage any further contributions, so I will make a promise. If you submit a review in the appropriate format, I will correct any blatant errors. As part of this promise, I encourage you to look over the changes I make in hopes that everyone learns ideal comma placement and avoids word repetition. Until that point at which you develop the necessary skills and I no longer need to supervise your writing, I will endeavor to help to the best of my abilities.

If you are serious about helping the site grow in number of blogs/reviews, I encourage you to keep writing. The craft will come with time. Few people exist with an actual affinity for drafting the English language on paper. I understand there are time constraints and social duties we as creatures must adhere to, and some cannot submit posts as frequently as myself. Yet I pray you take my promise into consideration look forward to another strong year for WGG reviews.

Below is a comprehensive list of the reviews and their respective writers (edited for clarity).

Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Review by brodyitis for

"There isn't a single new feature that I liked in this game. The chariot sequences are awful, the tower defense is even worse, and the optional puzzle block memories, starring the incredibly annoying Desmond, are both pretentious and boring. That being said, there is still more than enough Assassin's Creed to make for an enjoyable game with plenty of buyer value. The open world is just as beautiful, and the weapons are still fun and visceral. It's not by any means new, but with a few exceptions, it's just as fun as it has always been."


Mass Effect 3

Review by stephenage for

"Overall, Mass Effect 3 is simply an excellent game. It is heavily reliant on a familiarity with previous games, but this is no bad thing; it is what makes it superb. BioWare build on your past experiences in a way that makes this feel like your story; and while the results may sometimes disappoint you (like a relatively poor ending that barely takes into account your past decisions) the overall quality is still incredibly high. Previous games made you care about these characters and these places, and the fact that these could be taken away from you by the Reapers cements your emotional investment in the game. This referential nature may alienate newcomers to the series, but to veterans it creates an unparalleled experience. Mass Effect 3 rewards your investment in the series and is a fitting coda to a fantastic trilogy."


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Review by Burchy for

"The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess then is a vast, extremely deep, and gorgeous game given the limitations of the Wii console. I'll say right now that my first playthrough took me 55 hours to complete, where as Skyward Sword took me a mere 30. I believe this in some ways reflects the sheer detail provided in this game: players are free to explore and side missions are actually engaging, apart from Poe hunting. Nobody likes Poe hunting. And most of all this game is fun. People are beginning to forget that fun is the primary reason why we play games. Astonishing HD graphics and conventional 'safe' gameplay does not make an outstanding game. It makes a mediocre game. Twilight Princess, in my opinion, is the best Zelda game out there. You may hate me for saying such a thing, but I believe its true. Hyrule has never felt so alive in the eyes of players and I highly recommend you give it a go if you haven't already."


Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts

Review by NoobSauceG7 for

"Even if this isn’t a traditional Banjo Kazooie game, NAB is on par to the quality of the past Banjo Kazooie games. The vehicle based objectives and humor are the main reason why anyone should come to this game, and it is absolutely worth the purchase. As someone who doesn’t even like racing games or vehicle combat, Banjo Kazooie makes it fun and bases your success on how you can manipulate and create a vehicle in order to complete each objective. This is an absolute great game and one that I can easily recommend to all gamers!"


Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Review by Josh Kowbel for

Operation Raccoon City’s outstanding lack of polish does detriment to what otherwise could have been a unique experience. As a series fan, I would love to say Slant Six’s latest delivers on all its promises, but I would be outright lying. Dicey combat, a lack of established atmosphere, and a sincerely boring cast of characters shatter that illusion. Co-op could be worse, but a shoddy multiplayer component fails to up the replay value. For me, a good Resident Evil experience encourages plentiful playthroughs and extensive weapon experimentation/upgrading. Not in this case. The absence of any redeeming qualities sullies a recommendation, leaving Operation Raccoon City to join the ranks of Gaiden and Survivor, unequivocally the poorest entries in the franchise’s history.



Review by Hawkeye for

"In other games, I feel sympathetic to the characters, but I can’t actually relate to them. Journey made me feel genuine emotion, not on behalf of the character but my own actual emotions. The game has a very basic online feature in which you can be joined by a companion. Once again, Thatgamecompany breaks tradition and doesn’t provide you with a lobby to arrange a trip with your best friend. Instead it will just drop another character into your world from another game. You don’t know who this person is, you have no way of communicating, and you can’t really interact. You both have the same goal though, and it’s just nice to have company. When one of my companions left his game near the end, there was a genuine touch of sadness. I may never see this person again, and yet it felt as though we bonded on a basic, human level. How many games can claim to do that?"


Trackmania 2: Canyon

Review by Mason_M for

"In conclusion, if you like racing games that throw the sensibilities of regular racing titles out the window and focus on community and fun, then Trackmania is a great game. Unfortunately the single-player doesn’t hold up at all, and some fundamental problems with the launcher and the fear inducing UI make the game feel like a hassle to play, but in the end it’s still good fun. This is a great game to play for 45 minutes to kill time, but I wouldn’t recommend it for long periods."

Goldteddy's picture

Sadly im the Kinda Person who's not Perfect with English And Can't even use punctuation probbably in my Native Language (Guess that's what you get for being a Slob in School huh?).

Anyway nice gesture to Highlight, some of the older reviews people made on the site. Now if only the same could be done for some of the Walkthroughs on the site.

Burchy's picture

I have took English Language at A-level yet still make simple mistakes. I'll openly admit i struggle more with simple things like comma placement than I do with in depth analysis of language. After reading my corrected work I feel like the mistakes I'm making are, in all respects, very silly. When my next review is published I'll make sure I get my grammar right. Even if it kills me!!!

Josh Kowbel's picture


I'll leave that task up to John, seeing as walkthroughs remain his area of expertise. 


That's the spirit! Again, I have no qualms with helping others. Other critics pass reviews through their peers before posting them online, so why shouldn't we? If anyone writes in the established format, I can give it a once over for egregious flaws. I had a brief discussion with explicit_baron, and I do believe schools have shied away from proper English tutelage. I'd say the attending of private schools in my elementary and college years helped my skills. It's not uncommon to attend a class with dozens of other students in a public setting, but in experience, private schools give more emphasis to one-on-one sessions with the teachers/professors. 

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I noticed you only posted game reviews in the above post. Is that all you want, or do you want movies and music (album) reviews as well? (I realise video game writing would be more common here) If so I could probably write more reviews regularly, to help the site. WGG isn't (and never will be) my sole/main site for posting reviews, it's really just another way to get exposure and feedback for my work, but if it would help the guys out then sure, I could write more for here specifically.
I just realised that I sound like I think I'm some writing-Jesus. Well, I can use words good anyway! 


EDIT: I think, if I understand what you're talking about correctly (the whole MetaCritic thing), that a bit of a restructuring may be in order. The sites I work on there's a slight difference to here. There's a certain amount of "hired" staff, who aren't paid but they get front page posting for their work. There's still a blog system, but they aren't "hired" by the site. A better example of this clear divide is ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, if you know of it. There's a little more organisation, and it's easier to have all (or at least most) of our bases covered, e.g. Guy 1 reviews Modern Warfare, Guy 2 reviews Battlefield etc. 

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I was talking with Adam Page, one of the more frequent reviewers, and he stated that we should avoid getting sucked into reviewing one genre of video games. I am inclined to agree. Otherwise he would only review indie titles while I would handle more triple-A releases. Right now, there's no real structure to who reviews what, the reason being most of the writers deal with limited income as college students. 

By your description of "hired," we do have a couple of writers whose work I instantly post to the front page. 

If you wish to help, I highly encourage it and gladly appreciate it. While WikiGameGuides is primarily a walkthrough/wiki site, there's always room to grow in the forms of blogs and reviews. 

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