Reviews You May Have Missed - May 2012 Edition

Hello again readers. I don't have many reviews to recommend in this edition of "Reviews You May Have Missed," but I blame the dry summer months for a lack of releases (not counting May Payne 3 and Diablo III of course).

Now before you burn me at the stake for this blog's tardiness, let me just say I am pressed for free time during this hectic week of June as I peruse the latest issue of Game Informer, read Dan Amrich's book Critical Path, write an Inversion review, compile a list of E3 2012's major highlights, and restructure many of the older featured reviews. So without further ado, let's get started.


Max Payne 3

Reviewed by Mason_M for

"Nearly ten years after the previous Max Payne game, Rockstar is here once again to revive the drunk, painkiller-addicted, bullet time enthusiast. And lo and behold, quite a bit has changed since Max’s previous outings."

"The biggest change to the story is that rather than sticking with the old film noir approach that Remedy employed, Rockstar opted to make the story follow a more action-driven style. While this is definitely a big departure for the series, it plays to Rockstar’s strengths, especially considering games like Grand Theft Auto 4 and Red Dead Redemption. Some people might find this change disheartening, but it was important step nonetheless since it helps Max Payne 3 stand out from its predecessors and make the game Rockstar’s own, rather than iterating on Remedy’s work."


Max Payne 3

Reviewed by christothefirst for

"Max Payne 3 is beautiful, though not without its flaws. While the visuals are crisp and clean, the constant visual effects, such as shifting film stock and scan lines, are a constant distraction in every cutscene and even at points in the gameplay. Although I am not one that is prone to headaches from visual stimulation, I found myself taking frequent breaks from playing for the first few hours of the game. I was eventually able to acclimate to the stimulation and the problem subsided. It is clear that these effects were added to give a perspective of Max's altered mind state, but they are highly unnecessary."

"Both bullet time and shootdodge, gameplay staples of the series, make their triumphant return in Max Payne 3. While these are interesting features, I didn't find myself using them much. The only times I used them were points where the game automatically triggers them or when only one or two enemies of a gunfight remained. This is because Max Payne requires more strategy than running and gunning, and these mechanics can often injure or even kill you by using them."



Reviewed by Burchy for

"It is the year 1960. You play a mysterious character named Jack, a man born to do great things. After a plane crash over the Atlantic Ocean, he is forced to enter what seems to be an inconspicuous lighthouse. After climbing into a small submarine called a Bathysphere, Jack plummets fathoms under the water. A screen obscures his view and he is greeted by Andrew Ryan giving an influential pre-recorded speech. The impromptu dialogue describes his city as a flourish of artistry and science. As the word 'Rapture' is defiantly ushered into Jack's ear, the screen slides back to reveal the huge underwater city. You are lead to believe this utopia is an escape from government, a beautiful metropolis where science has no constraints and artists would not fear control, but the moment you step foot into Rapture, it is clear things have gone wrong. Horribly wrong."

"Bioshock sets an incredible atmosphere the second you step foot inside its halls. Everything presents itself as creepy: the 50's music playing in desolate art-deco' bars, the Splicers (Rapture's insane ADAM addicts) roaming the city, humming, whistling, singing, and muttering words to intimidate the player, and the setting itself with its vintage appearance and dark, twisted personality."

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haha, all five stars.

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I'm glad that Burchy likes Bioshock as much as I do- a beautiful game.


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