Reviews You May Have Missed - April 2012 Edition

Hello and welcome to a new experiment. Each month a wealth of blogs receive promotion to WikiGameGuides' front page where their well-written or insightful nature garner the attention they deserve. Now as some of you know, we recently applied for Metacritic. Unfortunately, they turned us down. But let's not dwell on that matter long.

This will not be the last time we attempt to gain Metacritic recognition, but we are taking steps to achieve that goal sooner than later – my promotion to Editor-in-Chief being one of them. Sadly, several complications mean some reviews go unnoticed by the community here. Metacritic only allows one review per game, but that doesn't stop newer contributors from posting their own analyses.

This month marks the first attempt at giving those reviews – be they too short, too personal, or duplicates – a shot at the spotlight. Until the time comes at which the reviews (and occasional blogs) published exceeds my expectations, this post will remain a monthly endeavor.


Silent Hill HD Collection

Reviewed by christothefirst for

"The Silent Hill HD Collection provides gamers with some of the greatest survival horror titles in the genre. The HD overhaul looks great on the current generation consoles, and it's great to see that Born From a Wish, the SH2 sub-scenario not available on the original PS2 release, was included in the collection. It will leave older fans recalling horrific memories of late night frights and give recent converts new ones to form. It would have been nice if Silent Hill 4: The Room was included, but what is included is well worth your money. Despite somewhat dated graphics, players of any era will be able to enjoy these games."



Reviewed by Burchy for

"Rage is a game that isn't entirely sure of what it wants to be. Throughout the 12 hour campaign you'll drive across the wasteland while wasting bandit vehicles one minute. The next moment you'll be gunning through tight corridors in the bowels of a clan's settlement. A short gauntlet back to town later and you'll be scrambling for first place on a dirt track in a bout to upgrade your vehicle. It borrows aspects from many a game and in some cases this works, but here it prevents the game from being potentially great. Rage puts the player in interesting situations. However, it never seems to make them feel special. Rage is, to me, a game that will always be best described with a single word. Generic."


Resident Evil: Revelations

Reviewed by christothefirst for

"As time has gone on, the Resident Evil series has slowly moved away from its survival horror origins and become more of an action series in the forms of RE4 and RE5. These changes have angered many old school fans of the series, and they haven’t managed to gain many new ones with the classic RE controls (tank-style movement and standing still while shooting). With the release of Resident Evil Revelations, Capcom manages to return to its survival horror roots while not alienating those who have enjoyed the action of the recent releases."


Modern "RPGs"

Written by Jigramut for

"The proverbial "watering down" of games is widespread to encompass all types of gamers, even those in the role-playing crowd. Let's examine a prime example of this trend, The Final Fantasy series."

"For instance, compare XII, a really great installment in the series, to XIII, a fun if not shallow experience that added little to the mythos. XII was complex but fun and XIII was linear to the extreme to keep people interested past the movie-length cutscenes."

"These "dumbed down" versions of series aren't necessarily RPG's as they lack what made their older siblings legendary, yet these games are still praised as "revolutionary" for their own somewhat bland innovations (oxymoron I know)." 


MM18's Personal Game Retrospect - Introduction

Written by Milleniummaster18 for

"Nowadays, video games are known (and therefore judged) by everyone. Thanks to the Internet (and great sites such as WikiGameTacos), people from different places can now participate in an active discussion so that they may enrich their knowledge about everything game related. This has become so popular that, even if you don’t own a modern gaming system, you know that the general consensus is that Skyrim is a very good while Mass Effect 3’s endings weren’t that varied. Criticism -- be it positive or negative, our own or someone else’s -- has now become the bread and butter of a lot of active and passive gamers. To think that reviews were once primarily found in magazines … it gets me a little nostalgic."


Dragon's Dogma Demo First Impressions

Written by christothefirst for

"Overall, the quests left much to be desired. I was shocked at the lack of story and did not understand why the dragon was mentioned in the Prologue Quest, even though it didn't have much of any presence in the gameplay. The game looked up to par with current-gen standards, but was nothing to brag about, and the mini map was fixed rather than rotational. Most glaring was the game's inability to teach the player. In the Griffin battle, I was firing arrows at the beast but was not informed that I could ground the creature by aiming for its wings until the fight was nearly over. The screen was also very cluttered, as the useless dialogue spewed by the NPCs took up much of the real estate of the left side of the screen."


Prototype 2

Reviewed by christothefirst for

"In reality, the shallow plot consists of a new viral outbreak thought to be caused by Alex Mercer (the protagonist of the previous title) about a year after the events of the first Prototype. James Heller, the Samuel L. Jackson-esque main character, is an Iraq War veteran reinstated to active duty to prevent the spread of the Mercer Virus. While en route to the infected area of New York City, Heller’s transport is attacked by Alex and -- blaming Mercer for the death of his family -- Heller attempts to kill him. Alex passes along his powers to Heller rather than killing him for reasons unknown. Heller then starts a 10-15 hour journey to find the truth of Mercer’s plan for the world."

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I'm not sure how i missed so many. Maybye the homepage needs some revision.

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We've been getting a TON of new bloggers and reviews since Josh stepped in, so unless you're checking daily, it could be easy to miss.

I like these roundup posts, I am going to start doing these for guides & wikis.

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