First Dead Space 3 Images Surface

Hot on the heels of Dead Space 3's motion comic release, details are slowly thawing out for Isaac Clarke's frozen return. But this mystery planet is no winter wonderland. The following images all but confirm the Hoth-like setting, new necromorph variety, and tag team inclusion of John Carver sporting a blood red suit of his own. However, they also discredit the possible shift to a first-person style of aiming.

Although Isaac previously dealt with Nicole's death aboard the Sprawl, hints of another engineered alter-ego await verification. Here's hoping Clarke's psychological break down differentiates from the overplayed Tyler Durden plot twist.

Leaked earlier in May, Dead Space 3 is set for an unveiling at Electronic Arts' E3 press conference.


New weapons and friends share in the nightmare.


A closer look at John Carver's Helghast-inspired armor.


Why does this necromorph have four arms? A mutated combination of two humans perhaps?


Isaac has grown a bit more hairy since the events of Dead Space 2. 


Will we be fighting human opponents as well?

[All images via AGB]

Jigramut's picture

I like the idea of a possible alter-ego/personality but I'm not too sure co-op would be the best move for the series. I love Dead Space but the games are more about a personal experience you can tell your friends about not a "hey bro, just totally saved your ass from that zombie demon, bro." shooter teabag fest. 

Scumbagb3n's picture

You know shit's got real when the protagonist has beard, like Dom in Gears 3... pity that the Master Chief doesn't show his face. He would have a pretty epic beard after so many years of cryo.

John Tarr's picture

If co-op really is the main focus of Dead Space 3, I'm bet I'll be filing Dead Space under "horror franchises that lost their way".

GuardianJosh's picture

Yay, Isaac's back. Hopefully this one is longer than Dead Space 2. That was 5 hours long and not as scary. I wish they would get the action/horror ratio right.

XION's picture

@John Tarr

Single Player story has always been the main concern of the Dead Space franchise. But if that's the case, we still have the greatness of the first game that started it all.


The Action/Horror ratio was a bit off in DS2. I still prefer the first one being that it's much more tense, claustrophobic, dark, and rustic. But I highly doubt you beat DS2 in 5 hours, even on the easiest difficulty.

Deathman95's picture

i hope they keep the dead space feel by possibly having a seperate story for single player, and for co-op.

jreinKs's picture

They need to stick to the original Dead Space concept which was a suspenseful, gory, fun, !!SOLO!! adventure, not some co-op game with a strong focus on multiplayer. That's what made 1 and 2 so great, is the fact that for almost the entire game, you were ALONE--there was rarely even NPC interaction except for video communications. I hope to god they don't try to change this game too much and turn it into some shitty attempt at a co-op game.

GuardianJosh's picture

@XION, yeah, 5 hours. 2 hours on disc 1, then 3 more on disc two. I always played on... I think Zealot, it's called. Not the 3 saves only difficulty.

Mango's picture


Don't take my word for it but I've been reading there is two seperate campaigns.

JoesShittyOs's picture

The last picture looked like the guy's face was fucked up, so I think it's probably gonna be like the early enemies you face in doom.  Zombies with guns.

MadRazz's picture

Please, please, please! NO CO-OP!!! I want the scary solo-missions!! Hehe, Isaac looks more and more like a caveman XD

Lazy's picture

Even though it looks like gameplay is going to change I have confidence that Visceral won't mess it up.

Goldteddy's picture

Well after the second game the Horror aspect was allready toned down abit. I Mean there are serveral points in DS2 where Isaac does some crazy feat that would have killed him in the first game for SURE!

The whole ''God of war'' Fall section where he hits a Fan? the Part where he is pulled outside by a huge tentacle without losing a limb!?  Sure it still had the Over the top Death scenes but it wasn't as scary.

Did like the whole you're going insane fights with your dead girlfriend.

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