Modern Warfare 3: The Best and Worst

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) has been out for a little over a month now, and the honeymoon effect is starting to wear off. While it is still a great game overall, the more and more I play it, the more its faults piss me off. First off, however, the good parts.

The Good Parts:

The single player aspect of CoD games has never really been Infinity Ward's thing, with the exception of CoD 4. MW2's single player was pretty terrible overall, with some dumb parts thrown in for cheap thrills, and the constant reusing of killing off the player's character (twice in MW1, thrice in MW2, and three more times in MW3). MW3's campaign moves a lot faster, is overall harder than MW2 (though not as hard as MW1), and has a much better plot.

MW1 had relatively few unlocks in its multiplayer, which was fixed by MW2. MW3 expands on both of them and adds an expansive list of unlocks, from making guns better to more killstreak rewards to the same callsign and title rewards we're used to. It's great when there's something to look forward to.

Split-Screen Online; I shouldn't have to be happy for this. Halo 3 came out before MW1, and Halo 3 had FOUR person split-screen online. This is the first MW game to have it, and it's only 2 person. But, at least it's there.

Survival. Obviously this was inspired by the popularity of Nazi Zombies in CoD and Horde in Gears of War, and it's nice to see it in an Infinity Ward game. Even better, you unlock guns, perks, etc. while playing it, along with harder maps, so it doesn't get too dull over time.

Spec Ops: I'll return to spec ops in the bad parts list, but overall, they are fun and challenging.

The varied gametypes are a good change of pace from the regulars from MW1 and 2.

One thing they added, which I've wanted since forever ago, is that you can get your killstreaks multiple times in one life. Finish all three, and you start working towards the first one again. Fantastic.

The Bad Parts:

First off, this is something that must be fixed by the next MW game, or I will kill every person who worked on making it: THE GODDAMN B BUTTON SHALL ALWAYS RETURN YOU TO THE PREVIOUS MENU SCREEN! Let's say I've finished multiplayer for the day and want to play spec ops. I press B until I'm back to the main menu, then select spec ops, right? Wrong. I have to go down and select main menu to return there. It's one line of code, and not including it is just plain wrong and annoying.

The bullshit sections in the singleplayer are frequent. I define a BS section as one where you're stuck in a 'fixed' location, like manning a mounted machine gun, or on the back of a truck, and must kill the enemies before they kill you. These are bullshit because they take away your one constant survival aid: cover. Without it, the game comes down to luck; you have to trigger the next section before the enemies kill you.

Return of the multiplayer bullshit: Remember when all the little 12 year old kids said that sniping was 'nerfed' in Black Ops? Because it was actually hard for a change? Gone were the days of anyone picking up a sniper rifle, pulling left trigger, then right trigger, and then orgasming into their headset when the quick scope someone from across the map. Oh, wait, no; you can do that again in MW3. I quick scoped a fair amount in Black Ops BECAUSE of the challenge, and to prove that it was still possible. The ease of use is back in MW3.

Know what else is back? Noob Tubes. Still as overpowered as ever. To go along with that: Dual Wielding. It's dumb, extremely unrealistic, and crazily overpowered. Get. Rid. Of. It.

The sounds: This has pissed me off in every shooter that features the ability to 'silence' your guns. In real life, unsuppressed guns are really, really, really loud. Loud enough that hearing it once, without ear protection, can permanently damage your hearing. Putting a suppressor (not a silencer) on a gun, can drop that (usually) about 20-30 decibels. Which would drop them to about the same noise level of a rock concert or jack hammer. The point of a screw on suppressor is to reduce muzzle flash, and to mask your location during a firefight, where all the other guns will be louder than your's. In video games, screw on suppressors seem to completely silence high powered sniper rifles and shotguns, so that you have to crank the volume up to hear them when they're right next to you.

The maps are crap, plain and simple. While some maps are bigger than others, they are all very cluttered, and force the action into close quarters more often than not. Automatic weapons reign supreme and are only challenged by one other type of gun: A sniper rifle with an ACOG scope. It'd be nice if they had longer range maps, like Overgrown and Crash from MW1 and Afghan and Derail from MW2. The lack of these makes regularly scoped sniper rifles and non-automatic weapons almost useless.

This has been a big problem since MW1: Kills gained via killstreak SHOULD NOT count towards your next killstreak.

Last thing: the singleplayer, while harder than MW2's, is way too easy. With the exception of one or two tricky parts and the various bullshit section, MW3 is a breeze to get through.


You might have noticed that I spent more time on the bad parts than on the good parts. Does that mean that MW3 is more bad than good? Not necessarily. Overall, the good parts shine through. However, when the bad parts show up, they can be enough to make just about anyone stop playing it... Well, at least for a few hours.

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Nice article good thing I don't play any Call of Duty games, I stick with Battlefield.

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