Press Release Mad Libs for the week 4/24

Every week sees a list of new games for gamers to devour. But the Press releases always seem so similar no matter what the game. So I cut out all the generic words to make a "Mad Libs" out of it. Feel free to fill out your own and guess what the games are!

This is the week following Portal 2's release and the list of upcoming games is....barren. But that doesn't stop digital titles or shovelware (that crap releases every single day!)

Game 1 - Xbox 360

____________ Waves are a chance for high scores!? _________________ is a game for
       (Noun)                                                                     (Video Game Name)
shooting maniacs featuring ____________, ____________, and a __________ game
                                                 (Noun)                 (Noun)                    (Adjective)
system you can master in order to turn enemy bullets into_____________! 8
                                                                                               (Plural Noun)
___________ ____________ are ready to challenge this frantic “Bullet Hell” horizontal
   (Adjective)     (Plural Noun)
shooter for the highest score! In addition to the local 2P CO-OP play in offline mode, you can also play ONLINE in cooperation with players worldwide via Xbox LIVE!
Despite its __________ and ___________ environment, ______________                                                    (Adjective)            (Adjective)                        (Video Game Name)              
is truly meant for ___________ players!

Game 2 - PS3

Set in a(n) ______________ __________ Citadel, players assume the role of a
                       (Adjective)         (Adjective)
__________and __________ duo who find themselves outmatched by a(n) _________
     (Noun)                (Noun)                                                                               (Adjective)
Sorcerer. In order to survive the Sorcerer’s arsenal of ___________attacks including
                                                                                        (Verb -ing)
skeletons, spiders and ghosts, the pair must uncover magical ___________ that will aid in
their offense. Befriended by Whisper, a friendly __________ trapped in the Citadel, the
duo are able to end the Sorcerer’s reign and restore the Citadel to its
peaceful ___________.


Game 3 - Nintendo DS

Each of the 8 locations you'll ___________ to features ____________ challenges and
                                                    (Verb)                              (Adjective)
whimsical _____________.
Upgrade your ___________ along the way with larger ___________, painting spaces and
                            (Noun)                                                  (Plural Noun)
in-flight ___________ to keep your ____________ happy, and be sure to avoid any
              (Plural Noun)                        (Plural Noun)
 (Plural Noun)


All these games are pretty 'under the radar'. So lets see some guesses in the comments or repost your Mad Libs!


dalton32389's picture

1: yars revenge

2: zen pinball

i googled #3 since i don't own a ds. but i imagine even those who do will have trouble figuring it out. and i'm not much of a "madlibber" but i look forward to what the community comes up with.

Solifluktion's picture

*enter random PC-fanboy-protest here*

GLaDoS 96's picture

Wow, this was soooooo clever. /sarcasm

Lazy's picture

What are nouns and adjectives? I'm dutch.


Zelfstandig naamwoord en bijwoord toch?

chad'spenis's picture

Lazy- Nouns are people, places, or things. Examples would be a teacher, Beer Baron, a screw driver, or Los Angeles.

Adjectives describe nouns and verbs. An example would be "sleepy", "angry" or "strong".

MarioDragon's picture

Even Lazy is an adjective

brodyitis's picture

Under noun I wrote but and under plural noun I wrote buts and under adjective I wrote but-like. Tee... Hee.

mtank's picture

very funny!

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