10 Ways Activison Can Increase Interest In Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty 8: Modern Warfare 3 (known affectionately by fans as ‘MW3’ and by Activision as ‘License to Print Money Forever 3’) is prepped and ready to be released upon gamers the world over. As a fan of Call of Duty, I have purchased most of the games in the series and all of the ones released on modern consoles; I have given Activision roughly $420 in the process (not including all the DLC packs) for the privilege of owning them. And yet, despite all this, I simply am not excited for the release of MW3. But all is not lost, and since I am sure Activision will be devastated if they do not get my money, I am going to list all the things Modern Warfare 3 needs to address if I am going to care about its impending release.


Modern Warfare 2 was an unbalanced mess. Have I sufficiently pissed off all the fans of MW2 yet? Good, but hear me out. Tell me if this class combination sounds familiar. 

Pistol with tactical knife




"Sir, it's is broken. All of it." 

This is known as the “Run around like a crazy person and knife people faster than they can say ‘is that Wolverine?’” (Or something along those lines…). Basically, people took a game about Modern combat and turned it into a game of ‘Slappers Only’ in GoldenEye; except instead of slapping each other players knifed each other; and instead of being a fun alternative to shooting, it was totally game-breaking. Nothing is more demoralizing than watching a deranged psychopath with a knife unleash a nuke on a server full of otherwise well intentioned gamers. It is up to the developer to make a game where the class customization system can’t be broken into teeny-tiny pieces. 

While we are on the subject of broken ‘WTF’ decisions, why were shotguns allowed to be a secondary weapon? Halo had a game type called ‘Shotty Snipes’ which involved all players spawning with both a shotgun and a sniper rifle. MW2 had a game-type that did this as well…all of them.


When Modern Warfare killed off the U.S. Marine the players were playing as in a nuclear blast, it was a mind-blowing experience. For most gamers, this was the first time they had experienced something like this in a game. The player is supposed to be an invincible killing machine (and given the events up to this point, it can be forgiven that someone would think this way). Then MW2 did the same thing, this time in an airport massacre. Despite the controversy, the level simply did not have the same impact as the original Modern Warfare. If MW3 continues this trend of killing the player, it will lose all of its impact and will diminish any sense of gravitas the story of MW3 is able to conjure up (unless the player is torn into pieces by a large pack of wild apes, because that shit would be awesome).


Like this, but not as adorable. 

I am quite aware that those words are most likely going to incite a massive flame war amongst ardent supporters and detractors of the Call of Duty model of multiplayer. No matter what side of the argument you fall on, it is clear that Modern Warfare revolutionized the way multiplayer games are designed now. Even Halo, the original online innovator, took a cue from Modern Warfare with unlocking armor and earning credits for great feats of multiplayer glory. 

With all its innovations, Modern Warfare has never been a perfect system. With every major game release, it is expected that there will be a variety of bugs and glitches. Modern Warfare 2 had some of the worst bugs and glitches of all time. Just watch any of these videos. 

And that is just two of the videos. Searching MW2 glitches creates a veritable cornucopia of videos for your viewing pleasure. Perhaps the best part of the videos is in the second clip about the various glitches in the map Terminal. About 1:15 into the video, they use one of the glitches as a ‘Pro Tip’ to help you get better at the game. If the only way to get better is to break the game, it means your game needs some serious fixing. 


Modern Warfare was a great game, and I think most people are in agreement with that statement (or can at least agree that it did some revolutionary things for the shooter genre). And Treyarch came in and took the formula from Modern Warfare and, in most cases, improved upon it. They added a 4-player Co-Op mode, Zombies. Treyarch also added one of my favorite features of all time in Lobby Leaderboards. 

How is this not a thing yet?!

Then, after World at War, Infinity Ward took all the improvements and threw them into a fire. Gone was the wonderful Zombies mode, replaced with Spec. Ops mode. Which, while a great new addition, only supported 2 players; this means half of your old buddies from your zombie slaying days were going to have to be pushed to the sidelines. But in that situation, at least it was replaced with something semi-similar. The choice of Infinity Ward to remove Lobby Leaderboards seemed to have no reason other than "We don't like Treyarch". It was not replaced with anything better or different; it was simply shown the door and asked to never come back.

It would be like if Infinity Ward was tasked with making Street Fighter V and they decided that they no longer needed Ryu and Ken and replaced them with a plate of spaghetti and nothing. 


Let me take you on an imaginary journey to a time known as 2007. People used to dance in the streets, people loved everyone regardless of color or creed, and a video game based on modern warfare was a unique idea. 

Flash forward to 2011. People forgot how to dance; People don’t love each other the way they used to; and almost every shooter released is based on modern warfare. There is Call of Duty: MW2, Battlefield: Bad Company 1 & 2, Battlefield 2, Medal of Honor, and more. Now with the upcoming showdown between the juggernauts MW3 and Battlefield 3, the ‘modern’ trend shows no sign of slowing down.

So I am going to pitch what I think could improve our increasingly stagnant favorite genre, move the year to 2033. When I mention ‘Future Warfare” I do not mean space marines, because we already have plenty of those, but a time between fighting aliens and fighting in the Middle East would really freshen up the stale shooter market. I am not saying it would be easy, and I know that Call of Duty prints money, but every good company thinks of an exit strategy for when the money well dries up. So there is your idea Activision, I accept checks and most major credit cards as well as job offers with 6 figure salaries.

Please don't do this though. 


The level cap in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was 55. Based on this list http://postworthy.com/?p=39063 on 18 of those 55 levels, the player will only unlock a variety of challenges. That means that just under 1/3 of the time; the player does not unlock any new weapons or perks. Now I see this as a sign that the level cap was too high. So naturally, what would be the solution to this perceived problem? Add more levels of course!

Modern Warfare 2 had a staggering 70 levels for players to rank up through (http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Call_of_Duty:_Modern_Warfare_2_Ranks). 4 of these levels unlocked only more challenges. 9 levels only unlock additional killstreaks (and after the first 3, really, who cares?). And there is even 1 level that does not unlock a single thing. NOTHING!

So, let’s give them benefit of the doubt and say only 6 of the killstreak unlocks are useless. That means that 11 of the 70 levels are unnecessary. That means that 15% of the levels are completely pointless. Now, admittedly that is an improvement over Modern Warfare 1. But all too often, the player still finds themselves unlocking pointless things. Call of Duty: Black Ops attempted to alleviate this by letting the player spend points on what they wanted to unlock, but all too often the player is barred by meaningless level barriers. At this rate, Modern Warfare 3 will have 87 levels to rank up through and 20 of them will be useless challenges the player can ‘complete’ as their reward. 

This is all you got for all your tireless effort...


Call of Duty Elite is a subscription service that offers a wide variety services that has not been offered at any point before for fans of Call of Duty. CoD: Elite will offer a dizzying array of statistics from accuracy, kills, deaths, as well as heat maps to help players plan for the competitive edge. In addition, players will also have access to download the DLC content for Modern Warfare 3 free of charge, similar in function to Battlefield’s VIP pass. 

Although the emblem is way cooler for Call of Duty...

However, the difference is that the VIP pass for Battlefield Bad Company 2 was included in all new retail copies of the game. It did not require a fee. I already pay Microsoft for the ability to play on an online service that doesn’t suck to use (side note: why does PSN not have cross-game chat yet?). So it seems extreme to ask me to give you extra money after already playing an exorbitant amount of money simply to own a copy of Modern Warfare 3. When I go to a restaurant I do not have to pay for access to the ‘better’ part of the menu; so why should I have to pay for access to the ‘better’ parts of the MW3?


Stupid Gamertag. Awesome Title. 

Unlockables are like crack to gamers. As a collective group, there is nothing we love more than being able to show other gamers that we are better than they are. While I enjoyed the sentiment of being able to create my own emblem, I also am tired of looking at all the disgusting (albeit creative) ways that people can make emblems that look like a penis. 

One of the best things I recall about Modern Warfare 2 was trying to unlock some of the more difficult emblems and titles. One in particular was ‘3xt4 c1sby’. Which, after your brain finishes exploding from trying to interpret that, says ‘extra crispy’ and was unlocked by calling in a massive fleet of Stealth Bombers; and to this day unlocking that title legitimately is one of my greatest gaming accomplishments. If Activision brings back my ability to brag to my fellow gamers by rubbing a variety of titles and accomplishments in their faces, then my interest level in MW3 will skyrocket. 


Ramirez! Do Everything! 

But Sir....One does not simply....

But Ramirez was not the first character in the Call of Duty series to have his AI companions demand action while they stood by and passively watched. I have played every Call of Duty game since the original on the PC (with the exception of Call of Duty 3) and in each game, the AI does progressively less and less. In the original, you felt like just one small soldier in the much grander conflict. In Modern Warfare 2, the player was essentially Batman awash in a sea of teammates as useful as Aquaman. I want to return to the old games, where the player was no more important or invulnerable than the soldiers they were fighting beside. 


As a company, Activision is not known for their strong emphasis on new franchises. In fact, their entire major release list is populated by previously existing intellectual properties. Call of Duty, Cabela’s Big Game Hunter, Transformers, X-Men, and Wipeout. Pardon me if my excitement level does not cause me to shout from the rooftops. 

The other night I had a dream. In the dream, Activision released a press statement. In it they said the following, “We want to announce that Modern Warfare 3 will not be released. Instead, we have chosen to use the resources from that franchise to buy the rights to the Mirrors Edge franchise from EA and will be releasing Mirrors Edge 2 in Q1 of next year. Also, we are proud to announce our plan to turn the entire office into a giant bowl of Jell-O and we will invite everyone for a Jell-O swim party. “…Yeah, my dreams are about Jell-O a lot. Yeah,  I know Mirrors Edge wouldn't count as a new franchise; but my heart yearns for a new Mirrors Edge. 

I cannot express how badly I want this game. 

Johnny Lightning writes a variety of articles for WikiGameGuides.com and can also be followed on his new found Twitter account here @RealJohnnyLight

brodyitis's picture

I don't really want to talk about Call of Duty anymore. Let's talk about Mirrors Edge 2. Mirrors Edge was so awesome! I can't wait for... oh right...

jbrad6's picture

i agree with everything here worse than milking a dead ip is copying ideas from other games im not sure what goes through bobby koticks tiny little brain but ppl like that ruin the industry not make it better so i know ill get heat for this but i hope that ea and dice and respawn entertainment topple that prick

Solifluktion's picture

Mirrors Edge was awesome :)

RPGeesus's picture

You know what, all of these points have only made me want to buy MW3 even less, since you have shown me how it could be so much better, Mr Lightning. There are no innovations anywhere. Everyone else is trying to shove theirs down consumer throats, but that's better than the dead silence of MW3 so far.

And yes, Mirror's Edge 2 would be awesome. Maybe someone from Activision will see this and do it. And maybe they'll even pick up Pimpin' Ain't Easy.

indi's picture

Didn't you die two times in MW2? I think General Evil torched you after defending the country home.

Dieing three times in MW3 could seem like a revolutionary idea to Activision.

Mr. 2049's picture

Glad Im not the only one that would much see the return of a creative IP  then the beaten to death horse that is modern warfare

jreinKs's picture

The only point you forgot, even though it's not Activision's fault, is all the 10-year old boys (or girls?) that call you a faggot every time you kill them and annoy the bejesus out of you.

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I LOVE Jell-O!!! I Love this article!!

Captain_Morgan's picture

Even if they somehow fixed all these problems, I still don't think I'd buy it. This decision is based solely around the fact that the same community that played/ruined Modern Warfare 2 would be playing this game.

Also, they need to fix the fucking terrible spawn system.

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Infinity Ward could release the exact same game every year with a different name and they'd still break records with there sales, MW3 has already beaten Blops in pre-orders, they don't need increased interest whatsoever :)

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Cod 4 was one of the best games I've played and World at War was good because you go from modern combat to WWII which had different guns and killstreaks but know treyarch has caught up to modern warfare and we are getting the same spawn killing noob tubes every year. Anyways im much more excited for Battlefield 3 and Skyrim and Halo CE remake and the late Mass Effect 3.

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