Weekly Top 10: Songs about video games

The weekend is almost here. That means it’s time to gear up for another two days of video games, sports, and sports video games. One of the things athletes do to get ‘pumped’ for an upcoming game is throw on some Lil’ Wayne and focus. Personally, I am not a Lil’ Wayne aficionado, but I think the idea is in the right place. So here is a list of 10 songs about video games to get the gamer blood flowing. Some of the songs are funny, some are thought provoking, others are love songs; fair warning though, some of the lyrics may be NSFW, so use headphones if you’re slacking off on the job…after all, it is Friday.

10. Ducktales…with lyrics!

Chances are many of you reading this article are familiar with this first song. Brentalfloss, the man behind the song, is no stranger to internet fame. He has a CD that can be purchased from his site and has written and performed a multitude of parody songs adding lyrics to songs that otherwise lack vocal backing. It really does beg the question though; what if top 10 lists…had lyrics?


9. Wish I had a Portal Gun

Another song that many people are probably well aware of; this one comes to us courtesy of Dorkly.com. Portal jokes are certainly nothing new. For the most part, a safe comedy formula is usually Game that isn’t Portal + Portal Gun = Internet Gold. That being said, this song is certainly very catchy. I am unsure as to whether or not the song is a parody or if it is an original tune, so if someone wants to enlighten me in the comments section I would be much obliged.


8. Pumpkin Hill

This song is one of the most juvenile, ridiculous, and moronic songs I may have ever heard; and I love every second of it. For those of you who played Sonic Adventure 2, you are well aware that every level that didn’t feature Sonic was awful (Guess what? I think Shadow the Hedgehog is one of the lamest characters introduced into the Sonic games), but this song made at least one of the non-Sonic levels bearable. 

This song has too many wonderful lines to even begin to count.

“A ghost tried to approach me, he got leery.”

“You know me the fightin’ freak knuckles.”

“We on Pumpkin Hill…You ready?!”

“I can’t see a thing, but it’s around somewhere.”

Too bad the “video’ is just a still image of Sonic and the other hedgehog that isn’t Sonic. 


7. Pokemon Love Song

Pokemon is not normally something I associate with love. Pokemon is more like training fictional animals to bend to your every will because you are their master. However, this sweetly sentimental song by veronnie, who has a lovely singing voice, has changed my mind. The crux of the song revolves around using Pokemon names as puns, which works quite well. In addition, the song also earns bonus points for only including Pokemon from the original 151 (mew counts). 


6. Angry Birds Theme –Pomplamoose 

Full confession, I love everything Pomplamoose does. Pomplamoose is made up of two members, Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn. 

The best part about them is their videos. You watch them play each instrument and see each tool they use to produce the music you’re listening too. All of their songs have that ‘indie rock’ sound, so if that isn’t your thing Pomplamoose probably won’t float your boat in the same way they do mine. 


5. The Ocarina of Rhyme: Clipse (Lost Woods)

This list has been fairly rap-heavy in the early goings, which is strange because I am not the biggest fan of hip-hop music; but I digress. 

Team Teamwork, the mix-masters who put this together, have a reputation for taking modern hip-hop songs and mixing them with classic video game music; and the results are surprisingly solid. The Ocarina of Rhyme is a series of songs based around music from Ocarina of Time. They also have another album based around Final Fantasy 7 and a smattering of other songs from a variety of games. Not all of the songs are winners (some are ear-crushingly terrible), but when they find the perfect mix of hip-hop and video games, the sound produced is beautiful. 


4. Black Ops Live Gun Game Freestyle


This fine gentleman, PaperBat, performs a live freestyle rap during a multiplayer match of Call of Duty: Black Ops over Kanye West’s “Stronger”. The song isn’t perfect, but he makes fun of campers, people with offensive emblems, and about knowing the predictable spawns on the map. The song is certainly one of those NSFW songs and it’s a bit repetitive. But the degree of difficulty involved with performing a live rap while playing a game certainly makes the song even more impressive. Personally, I can’t even remember to blink while playing, let alone perform a freestyle rap. 

As of this writing, the song is currently ‘unlisted’ on YouTube, so people can still view it; however it means the link I have wont embed so you will have to copy/paste the address or click the link to be magically whisked away to YouTube.  I certainly hope PaperBat doesn’t move the video to private. So PaperBat, if you read this, just know it would be a shame to deny the world this entertainment. 


3. Banelings

I love StarCraft2. I am also very bad at StarCraft2. This Justin Bieber parody, featuring Husky and Kurt, is one of the finest examples of two things. First, it is a fine example of how to write a parody song. All too often people change a few words and call it a song. I mean, one quick search of ‘California Gurls Parody’ will turn up a trillion results (I am rounding of course) and chances are you will find a song about ‘gurls’ from every state. Kurt and Husky have provided us with lyrics that do not pander to people who don’t play StarCraft2. I would go so far as to even put their lyrical prowess on the level of Mr. Yankovic, which is one of the highest compliments I am able to give. 

Second, this is also a great example of how to put together a quality music video parody. Its high quality, has a variety of costumes, and even has ‘video girls’. Of all the songs on this list, this song is certainly has the most enjoyable video to watch. 


2. Those Minerals (Mass Effect 2 Rap)

I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite song on the internet.

This rap, composed and performed by Kabuto the Python, uses sound clips from Mass Effect 2 and a beat to create a really creative and catchy beat. Plus, the entire song is about scanning planets in Mass Effect 2. You remember that right? The absolute worst part of that entire game, but it was all worth it because it gave us the subject matter for this song. 

And yes, the entire video is just a 2 second loop of Joker with a frog face doing the robot; which is a video I find strangely compelling…


1. Mario Kart Love Song

This brilliant tune is an original song by Sam Hart. It is a truly touching love song that uses references to Mario Kart to describe a loving relationship (although the song does sound like the gentleman ‘Toad’ is more enamored with the lady ‘Princess’, but such is life). It’s hard to fully describe in words why I find this song so wonderful. 

“The blue shell is coming
so I'll go ahead
If you hang behind
it'll hit me instead
but never look back
cause I'm down but not dead
I'll catch up to you”

It is a requirement that any person I date must enjoy this song. If you ever find a significant other who thinks this song is romantic and understand all the Mario Kart references, hold on to that person.

Johnny Lighting writes a variety of articles for wikigameguides.com. He also has a twitter @RealJohnnyLight. You should follow it. 

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