Weekly Top 10: Most Frightening Characters in Video Games

10. Dhaka (Prince of Persia: Warrior Within)

The Dhaka is the main villain of Warrior Within. Essentially, Dhaka is the physical form taken by the abstract concept of fate. His job is to chase down the Prince throughout the game and make sure he dies; thereby restoring order to the Timeline the Prince messed up with his actions in the previous games. His favorite trick is to burst through the walls during a particularly difficult jumping puzzle.

Basically, the Dhaka is the Persian version of The Kool-Aid man. This is scary for very obvious reasons. 

9. The Imperial Alliance (Valkyria Chronicles)

The Imperial Alliance is the thinly veiled doppelganger for Nazi Germany featured in Valkyria Chronicles. At first, the Imperial Alliance does not seem all that threatening. This is mostly due to the painted graphics, pastel color scheme, and calming music. However, the Imperial Alliance starts invading the neutral country of Gallia and they start to present themselves in a less than flattering manner.

Best way to tell when a collective group of soldiers is ‘frightening’, shooting unarmed fleeing civilians. 

8. The Twins (Dead Rising 2)

The Twins are one of the many psychopaths Chuck Green comes across during his time in Fortune City. These two beauties are seen alongside Tyrone King throughout most of Dead Rising 2. But what could be so frightening about two beautiful women? Well, first of all, they are bodyguards. This means that chances are pretty good they can kick your ass. Secondly, they have this tendency to frame people for crimes they didn’t commit in order to further their own agendas. And let’s face it, all of us would do just about anything for the chance to make out with a hot pair of twins; even if it means fighting a horde of zombies and potentially facing federal charges. 

7. Wildcat (Breath of Fire II)

What an adorable little kitty. It wears a cute little red scarf, an adorable apron, and it can talk! Those three qualities are enough for any video to get close to 100 million hits on Youtube. There is one small caveat that prevents Wildcat from joining the pantheon of cuteness; he wants to eat you. 

In Breath of Fire II, players enter the Wildcat Café. While walking through this restaurant, they are you to remove your armor and weapons, rub salt on yourself, and stand on a large grill. After cooking, Wildcat finds he is furious because you are not dead yet, so he proceeds to attack you. Nothing is more disarming than having the cutest animal in history attack out of nowhere. 

6. Drahmin (Moral Kombat: Deadly Alliance)

To be honest, I know little about Drahmin. Whenever I am looking for information on a character, I turn to the wiki page for that game. So, according to the Mortal Kombat Wiki, Drahmin was not always a demon; as centuries ago, he was a cruel human landlord in Outworld. For his crimes, he died and was exiled to the Netherrealm where his body and soul were to be tortured for all eternity. As the years dragged on, he fell further and further into insanity until his humanity was lost altogether. He eventually accepted his fate and submitted to the power of the Netherrealm, re-emerging from the depths of the Netherrealm as Drahmin: the Oni Tormentor. 

So, in short, he is an evil human who was tortured into insanity and turned into a demon. Also, he looks scary as all hell. 

5. Chainsaw Guy (Zombies Ate my Neighbors)

Jason Voorhees and Leatherface have long been a classic horror staple. Chainsaw Guy is the perfect combination of these two. Like Jason, Chainsaw Guy cannot be killed easily and wears a hockey mask. Like Leatherface, Chainsaw Guy kills people with…a chainsaw (who saw that coming?!). Your only real defense from Chainsaw Guy is using blow-up clown dolls to briefly distract him. When your best defense from someone scary is using an item that can be equally frightening, it makes your character twice as frightening as it would have been normally. We can even watch someone fail to kill a couple of these beasts about 2 minutes into this video.

4. Baron von Blubba (Bubble Bobble)

In literature there are several characters who are the epitome of masculinity. One such character is Captain Ahab. For those who don’t know, Ahab hates whales; especially white whales. As it turns out, Captain Ahab was a lead designer on Bubble Bobble. How else can you explain the terror that is Baron von Blubba?

This white whale has demonic eyes and has only one goal, to kill every player who goes over the time limit in a stage on Bubble Bobble. There is not a more terrifying experience than trying to clear a board of colored bubbles while a horrible sea creature spawned from the depths of hell barrels down upon you. 

3. Watson (Sherlock Holmes Nemesis)

Watson, the ever present sidekick of Sherlock Homes, is not an imposing figure. He is short, bespectacled, and plays second fiddle to a guy who wears a stupid hat. However, when a company decides to cut corners and neglect giving Watson a walk animation; what you get is this…

2. The Child (Catherine)

Vincent is not someone who I would consider to be a courageous individual. He lacks the nerve to even tell the sexy girl from the bar only a few simple words, “I have a girlfriend”. Those 4 words would have saved Vincent from the experience of meeting ‘The Child’. It’s hard to put into words just how terrifying this demonic child really is. I feel the following video sums the experience up best. 

1. Voldo (Soul Calibur)

Voldo was once the right-hand man for the ‘Merchant of Death’. However, once Voldo failed to bring the Merchant the legendary sword ‘Soul Edge’, his master exiled him to the vault where he stored all his treasures. Locked away in the darkness of the vault, Voldo went blind and slowly drifted into insanity. Now, what we are left with is a man who loves Yoga and S&M…both of which are qualities that can be attractive in an attractive person; but once a crazy blind guy tries it, it starts to seem a little creepy.

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Jester's picture

There's nothing quite like the terror-filled adrenaline rush you get from being chased around by those chainsaw guys. You run your way through the hedgemaze, with the tense music, praying not to hear the chainsaw buzz. Not to mention, they are invulnerable to everything but the bazooka. To this day those dudes make me panic. It's nice to see Zombies Ate my Neighbors get some recognition.

Mango's picture

Voldo was unexpected.

XION's picture

What about the Boogeyman in King's Quest 7?

Charlie Walker's picture

In No Order: 

The Chasers - Pacman 

The Smoke Monster - Lost 

The Flood - Halo 

The Gatherers - Amnesia 

The Wallmasters - Legend of Zelda 

ReDeads - Legend of Zelda 

The Beserkers - Gears of War 

Lurker - Dead Space 

The Witch - Left 4 Dead 

Aliens - Alien vs Predator 



brodyitis's picture

The enemies in Amnesia: The Dark Decent are pretty scary as well. 

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