ATLUS gives players a reason to dust off their copies of Demon's Souls

Not one to give up on their games even after the release of a sequel, ATLUS is gearing up for the inevitable demise of Demon’s Souls with a celebration of its two-year anniversary. ATLUS recently extended the life of its online community into 2012, but that isn’t all ATLUS is doing.

For those who invested themselves into Demon’s Souls, they are well aware of a certain quirk of the game called ‘World Tendency’. World Tendency in Demon’s Souls is what determines the difficulty in the game as well as special events in some of the areas in the game. Normally, when playing online, Demon’s Souls determines the World Tendency based on the actions of players all around the world. For example, if most players are performing actions within the game that would change the World Tendency toward ‘Black’ or ‘White’ the World Tendency will reflect this.

Another bonus, in a 'Pure-White' world, your spirit form has a higher attack than normal.

What this normally meant for players was that the world would remain in a mostly ‘Neutral’ state, which limited a player’s ability to gain access to certain areas and items within the game. However, ATLUS is going to change that throughout the month of October. Now and through October 17, ATLUS is going to shift the World Tendency in Demon’s Souls to ‘Pure-White’. That will ease the games punishing difficulty and unlock new areas throughout the Kingdom of Boletaria. After that, the World Tendency will shift the other direction to ‘Pure-Black’, thus making the game more challenging and opening up otherwise hidden secrets.

Even at 'Pure-White' this...creature...will still kick your ass. 

Two years ago today, Demon's Souls' launch day, was one of the most exciting, unpredictable times in our company's two-decade history. We recognized the caliber of the game. We were certain that fears about it being too challenging for our market were unfounded. Still, we had no idea what to expect… It became a phenomenon, our biggest title ever. Most importantly, Demon’s Souls has achieved a rare status of prestige, owed to the tireless support and promotion of the game from the best community of fans in the world.” said Tim Pivnicny, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at ATLUS.

So now is the perfect opportunity to dust off that copy of Demon’s Souls and jump back into the world of Boletaria. And if you never got around to picking up a copy, Demon’s Souls now retails for around $20, so there is no excuse for not trying this gem immediately.

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I may just buy this by the end of the year.

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I can understand why people like Demon Souls, but it's just not my type of game. I tend to lose track of time while playing RPGs, and the penalty for dying is just too much of a turnoff for me to invest hours of playing time in either Demon Souls or Dark Souls. 

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