Site Updates 8/10/2011: Profiles & Wiki Help Text

Profile Improvements

  • The Profile pages have had a big overhaul. Now in addition to the More Info box on blog & guide pages, your profiles look a lot snazzier. Your XBL/Steam/PSN info now displays gamercards instead of simple text, your Twitter account shows your last few tweets, and if your YouTube profile is linked, other users can subscribe to your YT channel without even leaving this site!
  • There's also an About Me section at the top of the profile where you can add custom text and images. Linking YT videos do not automatically embed them here for some reason that I can't figure out, but feel free to customize this part of your profile however you want.
  • I also tweaked how your blog posts and guides are displayed on your profile. Your profile now shows your most recent 5 blogs (instead of 10), with a link to all of your posts, and your most recent 5 guides are now listed, with a link to all of your guides (instead of all of your guides being listed on your profile homepage).
  • Steam ID special note: To get the Steam gamercard to work, you must have your Custom URL configured. To do this, open up Steam, click Community, then Edit My Profile, then fill out the Custom URL box (for example, mine is beer_baron). What you enter into the Custom URL field is what you put on this site.

Wiki Help Text

  • On every page that is a wiki (meaning it can be edited by anybody), I added some help text explaining this feature. We were seeing some people comment with helpful information instead of editing the page, so hopefully this will get more people contributing to the wikis.
Josh Kowbel's picture

Does anyone know how to get the PSN trophy card working in our profiles? I've tried just posting my username in the field, as well as the various codes from different trophy card websites, but it doesn't seem to work for me. Anyone got any clues?

Diksickle's picture

I have also tried multiple times and cant get the damn thing to work, it just appears as a image icon. But once clicked it takes you to the profile card, it just wont display on WGG, Wierd.

John Tarr's picture

Hmm...go to

And make sure you're logged in. Then refresh your profile here and let me know if it works. I think you may have to create it on the PSN before it can be embedded, unlike the other sites.

Josh Kowbel's picture

Yep, worked just fine. I had no idea Sony had actually implemented their own trophy card system.

Benjamin Weeks's picture

Looks nice, sure wish that i could have made one but i did not have my Photoshop on my computer.

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