Site Updates 7/22/11 - Profiles, Tags and Achievements

  • Added a "More from the Author" block that shows up on Blogs, Guide Home Pages and Guide Sub Pages. This block takes info from your profile and links to your YouTube Channel, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and your personal website (if you have those fields filled out in your profile.
  • To fill your profile info out, while logged in, click the wrench in the top right cornet by your avatar, then click connect, then fill in whatever fields you want. Some of the fields only need your account name, some need a link, so read the descriptions.
  • Removed Tags from blog posts. There are not enough blog posts being written yet to have separate pages for different types of blog posts. When more people start writing news and reviews, I'll bring the tags back.
  • Turned off adding achievements (not editing achievement details, just adding them manually). You can still submit spreadsheets on the forum, but there were too many incomplete or screwy achievement lists.

Tomorrow I will be working on making the profile pages look more interesting, so stay tuned.

Humankillerx's picture

God damn it when you said achievements I thought WGG achievements. I still think it would be cool if every mod had their own award they can give to members if they do something significant.

Pavan's picture

Still think you should be able to "subscribe" to people.

MarioDragon's picture

How about larger avatar's, 100x100 maybe?

MrDudeMan's picture

How about changing the background from grey to blue, sort of like a dark blue? Or is it just grey for me?

Jevrio's picture

About what the guy over me says, I partically agree. However, I'd like a darker theme. Not nececarrily (90% sure that was spelled wrong) for everyone, but choosable. As it is now it's almost blending me.

To complain some more, editing guides is pretty time-consuming now. There's alot of pageloads when renaming sub-things. Youtube has some javascript-thing for changing order of videos in a playlist, not sure, but some of that could maybe be used to make the guide-system easier to edit.

Might not be that way tho, just guessing. Only thing I know (some of) is html, php and some mysql.

In order to not only more or less complain, I'd like to say I like the site. i think it's the only site that let users add and edit (and stuff like that) their own stuff. That's awesome.

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