Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta First Impressions

Available to PlayStation Plus members, the Resistance 3 multiplayer beta has 2 maps, 2 gametypes, and some major issues for a game that releases September 6th. Overall very fun, so check out the video!

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The Resistance 3 beta was rather disappointing in my opinion. The character movements felt too cumbersome and the graphics were lackluster. I still had fun with it overall, but the multiplayer doesn't feel like a step forward for the series. From what I've played and seen of the single-player though, it looks damn good. I can only hope this was an early build of the beta.

Also, the Cloak and Assault Shield kill streaks are class specific. The other kill spree bonuses are awarded at 6 and 9 consecutive kills.

There are no multiplayer trophies either, as you two said, unless the single-player cannot be played split-screen because one requires you to heal your co-op buddy 20 times.

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Is John doing a full walkthrough for this when it comes out, or are you guys just doing a Drink-Along?

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This is the idea of a "beta". To get consumer feedback and find bugs and issues which need to be fixed before release. If the game was perfect, what would be the point of releasing a beta?

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They're doing a drink along

And at 17:45, Dan, that has nothing to do with PSN whatsoever, it has to do with the individual game. MW2 for instance, you can mute anyone by just selecting them in-game and pressing X. Nothing to do with PSN being inferior.

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Beta is public now, you don't need PSN+.

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@ II RickyBFC II

Resistance 3 comes out next Tuesday. The discs are printed. This isn't a beta, it's a demo.

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Can it be? Dan and John actually made a video while sober? I'm amazed.

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@John Tarr

That's why I'll actually base my opinion of the game on this "Beta".

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great video guys love your description of the game mixed in with fantastic commentary

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Killing leapers doesn't look like it contributes to Team Score.  I would assume that it's the same for turrets.  Assists do seem to add to Team Score.

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@ John Tarr


Yeh I understand that but the issues like bugs, matchmaking etc can be fixed with patches can't they? Does it have anything to do with the disc?

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Still think that the game is not as good as the first one.

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@ II RickyBFC II

I remember hearing somewhere before that the process behind releasing a patch can be longer than if the work was done during the regular development period. Patches have to go through a series of tests and approval by the publishers and whoever operates the online service. That's why some multiplayer game patches on the PSN and XBL can take months to sort out. If this "beta" was done sooner, then whatever issues the developers can solve could have been done while they were doing their final polishes on the game before they started manufacturing retail copies.

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On the co-op, it's going to be online campaign co-op only, so just an evolution of the FoM Split-screen stuff. No word if there will be any kind of multiplayer co-op missions so I guess they're leaving that out

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From the original release of the "Beta" they have released a lot of patches, so that could lead to a day one patch to the game.

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I'm pretty sure there is split screen for campaign actually, just like Resistance 1, I should probably look that up

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ok about the multiplayer of the retail game and although i havent tried it there are 2 patches that u have to dl (at least in the EU vers)of a total of ~680 mbs...and in their site they said that these patches fixed some of the framerates etc...

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