NFL Pickem League Signup

Go to the WikiGameGuides Pigskin Pickem page, create an account if you need to, and click join.

Password is wiki.

We will be giving away prizes to whoever finishes in the top 5 for the league. I haven't decided exactly what yet, but a combination of beer coozies, free games, and gift certificates will go to the top players.

brodyitis's picture

I'll be joining this year. The only reason you guys beat me last year is because I picked the panthers to win every game.

plasmalaser1's picture

Can't wait to hear Dan's analysis of football this year. Hopefully John won't be mad that the broncos are gunna suck. Got the Raiders week 1!

pelykulax's picture

Forgive my ignorance, but what the hell is "NFL Pickem League"?

Yes, I've seen the site, yes, I tried to understand, but the only thing I got was that it was about sports...

And I would like to know what it is, besides the prizes, I'm curious.

Josh Kowbel's picture

Holy crap, 52 people so far? I remember when I signed up, there was only a handful.

jreinKs's picture

@ pelykulax pick who you think will win....

Johnny Lightning's picture

I am all over this...and I won't win. Why? Because I will pick the Bronco's to win every week. 

pelykulax's picture


well, thanks, but that I knew only by reading the name ._.

I pick a team that I think will win, right? From what I've read is a team for week, right?

But teams of WHAT? ._. That's what I want to know!

jreinKs's picture

NFL teams, and you pick who you think will win in EACH of the games that week. I think there's 15 games every week so you pick 15 teams each week essentially. For each team that you pick that wins, you get 1 point and the person with the most points wins, or in this case the top 5 people.

I've never actually done this before but I'm almost positive thats how it works.


pelykulax's picture

Ok, now I thank you!

Now I just have to get some info about the league and maybe I'll try that "game" out ._.

Lfcdan1's picture

Yes. Looking forward to this. I finished tied for 5th last season so here's hoping i can match that this year and win me a beer cozy.

What_grenade....boom's picture

Pretty sure i'll just be making up the numbers. Picks made mostly on the basis of:

1- Have I been there?
2- Did I like it?
3- My 1 trip to a Canadian football game between Calgary and Montreal while on a business trip. Don't remember much about the game but it was fun to boo the French version of the Canadian National Anthem. And consume 4 hot dogs and a 6 pack.

Come on *insert team here*! In your face everyone else

FratasticVoyage's picture

I just won the game.

I also just lost the game.

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

I lost the game too :(

Damn you, FratasticVoyage!!

GlaDos to meet you's picture

I also! 2 minute grace period!

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