Magicka First Impressions

An adventure of sorts, Magicka is an independently developed PC game that puts you in the roll of a Mage with hundreds of unique spells to cast. First impression video with special troll Humankillerx.

Buy on Steam for $9.99

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Good first impressions' video as always, although I would have liked if you guys had talked more about the humour in the game, and whether or not you thought it was funny.

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I'd probably have fewer friends after playing this, only because I would spend the entire time killing them. :)

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I had $50 free steam dollars I got from my cousins, so I just bought this game after 5 minues into the first impressions. Hope the rest of the video is good (watching now)!

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@AinEstonia You're absolutely right. The game makes lots of great Star Wars/Treck/classic movie references that genuinely made me laugh. I regret not pointing that out during the video.

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I picked this up after i heard john talk about it on the podcast, i looked at it a bit during the summer sales on steam thought about it but after listening to the podcast i got the game and all the dlc for about 10 dollers. Fun and challenging game and good for 2 person co-op.

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