League of Legends First Impressions

By far the best and most addictive free game I've ever played, League of Legends is a DotA style multiplayer game that I'll be playing for a long time.

You can download and play League of Legends for free as well by clicking this link.

Feel free to add me on LoL as well, username BeerBaronX

Part 1: The Gameplay

Part 2: The Store, Runes, Abilities, and More

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Hey, since you created 2 parts for LoL impressions, you could create another Impressions video for Magicka where you talk about its humour with Dan, or whatnot. 

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I dint notice the second video was all screen shots until John said something.

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@Mango Same here, I actually tried to refresh cause I thought the video had frozen.

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i'm definitely going to check it out! looks awesome

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This game is great, I've been playing it for a couple of months now

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I personaly like Heroes of Newerth quite a bit more, LoL is still a good game but I feel like HoN is graphicaly superior, gameplay is more fluint, and sound quality is better.

Of course HoN is not a free game, it costs 10dollars right now on sale (30 without sale), and has NO monthly fee, with this starting price you unlock all 84 heroes right away and you can start hunting your favourite one from the start

As i said Lol is still a good game, but I think it would be worth looking into Heroes of Newrth and i would recomend to pick it up for 10dollars over LoL.

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this game looks good and after watching this video I went and tried to download it on my mac but it said that it would only download for windows does this mean I cant play it or is there something else I have to do to be able to download it?

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The problem with HoN is that the community is shitty. LoL is a lot more friendly (towards newer users) and RIOT is one of few companies that actually supports their game. That being said, I think DOTA2 will be a lot  better than LoL and HoN.

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@MrDudeMan  It might be true, but I usualy play with couple of my friends so it doesn't bother me.

And ye i agree that DOTA2 will probably be better than eighter one

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Yes I have been playing League of Legends with my friends for the past 4 months or so and it is alot of fun!! It is so addicting its crazy! Definitely keep playing it and i have to warn you it causes sooooo much rage!! But anyways you should definitely play with me and my friends we are pretty good!

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Just played with jon it was hella fun

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Hey John or Dan I'm a long time follower of your exploits and if you want to play with some good people you can join some of my games. We regularly play with some high elo friends. Good first impressions btw.

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You can get a Mac version, its in beta though. Search for a beta torrent, works great.

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Relevant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJAN1oDRJpk 

Pro anivia pro guide pro for john pro

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^You don't have to say "pro" 4 times in one sentence o.O
Anyways, HoN community is pretty terrible. Even the staff are trolls (Don't believe me? Look at the JohnnyUtah incident).

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i've played for over a year and absolutely love this game. i'm not obsessed either. it's just a good game. if you play this game then you will spend money on it eventually. you won't spend it because you have tom but because you want to. ton of fun,  love you guys and 2chimps

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