Late April Site Updates

Turned off "Total Views" counter because it has become wildly innacurate after enabling some advanced caching modules. It was dramatically undercounting views from anonymous (i.e. non-logged in users). The number of Currently Active guests listed on the forum is WAY off as well (I would estimate it's about 25%-50% what it should be).

Fixed Community Guide for [Achievement Name] and comment count data showing up on Achievement Sub Lists (for example, Starcraft 2 Blizzard Mods Achievements

Added a "Create New Account or Log in to comment" section to the bottom of pages that shows up only for non-registered users

Removed DLC from the console lists

Drink Along tab on homepage and full list

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Me gusta.

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Will you ever impliment some type of counter or way to gauge how popualr our posts are?  I hope to see a top guides for each console whenever you can get around to it. Keep up the good work.

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I agree, some kind of counter would be nice. 

I personally just want to see the Xbox, Wii, and PS3 channels look a little nicer. Right now it is just a list of links. I think a bar across the top of the page listing all of the top guides for that console would make it look a little bit better. I also think that you could make the channels about more than just guides. You could have console specific news articles, featured trailers, and other things like that.

I know the site is new and my suggestion is a bit more long term, than the the things at the top of your to-do list, but I would appreciate it if you would consider it. Thank you.

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WTF The site can't tell the future yet. Cmon man. Get working on that.

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The "Top Guides All Time/Last 30 Days" list on the homepage is accurate in that they're all in the correct order of popularity, but the view counts were way off. For example, the Portal 2 Chapter 8 wiki page was viewed only 207 times according to the Druapl stat counter, but has been viewed 20,525 times according to Google Analytics. This is an extreme example, but I don't want wildly innacurate stats showing up on every page if an advertiser was thinking of contacting us.


Improving the console listing pages is on my short term to do list. I'll be experimenting with ways of improving those pages over the next months.

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Is there a list anywhere on the site that shows the guides commentated by you and Dan together? I know there was one on NGW but unless there already is a list and I just don't how to find it, I would like to have that option. For some reason your voices entertain me.

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Harry Potter,

Go to either John or Dan's profile and at the bottom it shows all their guides. Most, if not all of them, sould have commentary.

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