How to Create a Private Multiplayer Terraria Server with Hamachi

Part 1: Create a Private Network

  1. Download and install Unmanaged LogMeIn Hamachi
  2. In Hamachi, click Power On
  3. Within Hamachi, click Network -> Create a New Network
  4. Create a unique Network ID and Passsword

Part 2: Create a Terraria Server

  1. Start up Terraria
  2. Click Multiplayer -> Start Server -> Choose a World (or create a new one) -> Create a Password (or leave it blank) and click Accept

Part 3: Join your world

  1. Open up ANOTHER instance of Terraria. You must have 2 instances of Terraria running if you want to host and play on your multiplayer server.
  2. Click Multiplayer -> Join -> choose your character -> then enter your IP from Hamachi. would be my IP in this example

Part 4: Get your friends to join your server

  1. Anybody that wants to join your server must also Download and install Unmanaged LogMeIn Hamachi
  2. After Hamachi is installed, click Network -> Join an existing network..., then enter the Network ID and password you created in Part 2. The Network ID and password are both case sensitive
  3. You should now see a list of everybody else who is connected to your group
  4. Open up Terraria. Click Multiplayer -> Join -> Choose Character -> Enter Server IP Address
  5. The server IP is the group of numbers next to the name of whoever is hosting the server. would be the IP to use in this example

Hope that helps! If something isn't clear, please post a comment and I'll do my best to fix this writeup.

Pavan's picture

Dam, now your playing this game. I thought you would a stopped at Minecraft but I guess this game is a bit more things in it.

XL_ARES_IX's picture

Taking all the credit again I see; but Hamachi really is the best P2P port router for server hosting that I've ever used.

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hot diggety

Semblance's picture

Good tutorial John. I wonder how many players someone with a strong connection, like you, can host compared to Minecraft.

Jevrio's picture

Playing Terraria at work? Not good..

Don't work here. It says 'popcorn' is the wrong password. On both 'WikiGameGuides', and 'WGGTerraria'.

Personally I usually use Tunngle to play the game, because I get some blue thing on hamachi (not direct connection).

Thomasmont's picture

Hamachi is great and easy to use! I've used it many times before where me and my friends play non steam counter strike for example.

icewind14's picture

wont work for me, every time i enter the IP it says 'no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused'...idk what to do now.

Dark_Pwnage's picture

i can't do step 3, i choose join server, choose the charecter and enter the correct ip. but when i click accept on the 'Enter server Port' page, the terraria freezes for a second and nothing happens, i don't know what this means. Please help

lordjakob78's picture

right so at step 2 i dont have the start server option... only host and play and join, so i am on the server when i fill in all the imformation, and when my friend tries to join the server when ive done all this stuff he cant join... :( help

xTTLdZOMBIEx's picture

Got a terraria server for people to join.

5 the limit

Skype needed

Skype name:xTTLdZOMBIEx

Hamachi also needed

Hamachi ID:Terraria Server 10j


pls join new game.Have Fun

PVP is usualy on tell me if want on.

xTTLdZOMBIEx's picture

terraria server ip is:

xTTLdZOMBIEx's picture

terraria server ip is:

xTTLdZOMBIEx's picture

Add me on steam

type in the following:

heyheydashing's picture

You never said anything about the port number for hamachi. I've looked everywhere and nobody has told me how to find the port. Please help! love youuu <3

Shymin's picture

I did every single step without any trouble doing it.

But when my friend tries to join

No matter how many different IPs we try to use, it doesn't work

Just says "Connecting to"

And that's it.

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