Gears of War 3 Beta - First Impressions

First Impressions of the Gears of War 3 Beta. SPOILERS: I don't like it.


All the Gears of War 3 Beta Executions

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it took about 2 minutes for you to get pissed. nice.

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This is a definately a non biased first impressions. That was sarcasm if you didnt pick that up.

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Sarcasm doesn't work in written form you dumb ass.

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Is anyone besides me having major framerate issues on all of John and Dan's videos?  I'm using firefox if that helps

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There is a definite ryhme and reason to this game that you can't just pick up on.  Kinda like Crysis 2.

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I'm not a fan of gears multiplayer but the singleplayer and story are in my opinion as good as halo, the excellent singrlplayer is why I'm buying  gears 3 not for the bad multiplayer.

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You have a valued opinion. no sarcasm.


But really.

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John being frustrated nonstop during the matches made my day.

Good shit.

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Of course sarcasm works in writing.

But a first impression should be biased.

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Sarcastic writing is one of the main forms of satire.  Go read 'A Modest Proposal'.

I was really enjoying the beta, and mechanically I have very little wrong with it, but for some reason Gears gameplay can never manage to keep my attention for very long.

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Gears multiplayer does require a significant amount of skill, moreso than Halo or Call of Duty in my opinion. If you put in the time to learn the tricks like wallbouncing or consistent hipfiring, destroying less skilled players is extremely rewarding.

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I absolutely love Gears of War, but ive never played it online, what makes me love this game is just the singleplayer

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John why were you getting mad at the kill stealers when your first kill on video was a stolen one?

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