2 Chimps Ep. 83 - Let The Games Begin

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thanks guys keep up the good work :D

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That is possibly the greatest ending to a podcast I've heard in a long time. Good job John on pointing out how fucking stupid Activision is.  

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I'm using my beer koozie while listening to this podcast right now. :)

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god, that looks delicious

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Good podcast been looking forward to it.

CS:GO is going to fail a year after release i think cs:s and cs 1.6 will remain peoples favorites.

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Huzzah, the triumphant return!

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I think the perfect catch phrase for John is, "You know what really grinds my gears". Every time I hear him go off on something that comes to mind. 

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Awesome podcast, I especially liked the feedback on my blog (Good and Bad)

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Check Out The Bill Murray Song Sweatshop Union - Bill Murray http://youtu.be/lTsOjQiuN48

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Awesome song.

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You Guys (J&D) should watch  The Thing (again) John Carpenter's

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Best Ewan McGregor movie before becoming a jedi - Shallow Grave (1994). Rugby World Cup starts here in New Zealand next week, but all games in home town of Christchurch moved because of the earthquakes...

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the way john talks of COD i'm assuming he still hasn't tried the pure gametype, where there are no kill streaks. just guns and nades.

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i think you guys should partner up with RydarGames http://www.youtube.com/user/RydarGames he does pure walkthroughs and some Lets Plays and he gets some games before they come out so he already has a head advantage. he would be a great asset for games like MW3 and/or Arkham Asylum.

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The way you were talking about strategy in modern shooters, I think you'd like the Battlefield games. I have more fun playing Bad Company 2 with friends than I did with Call of Duty.

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Hey john, why don't you guys do listener emails anymore?

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