2 Chimps Ep. 82 - Summertime Blues

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And I was just about to head to bed too... Curse you 2 Chimps!!!

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Why am i awake at 2:19 in the morning, but o well i get to listen to you in the late night.

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I bet when the next xbox comes out they are going to buy the company that owns OnLive and use that for a despret move to get ahead of the eventual PS4 and/if Nintendo's new console after the Wii U that may have the OnLive tech if they buy them.


Some company makes a unified console and every company is on it (PC).

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I might want that Gamebyo Advanced SP and games.

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How can you not love Belgian beer?

I'm from Belgium and I can assure you we have the best ones. Belgian style beer and belgian beer isn't the same. Try the heavier beers, they're the best.

Btw, I play poker professionally(online) and your podcast is awesome to listen to while grinding.


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thanks for the shout, guys

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I don't know if you guys have ever heard of the show Louie before but I think it's great.

It's basically Louis C.K. playing a caricature of himself as a freshly divorced father of two young girls. Screened.com has a video feature on it that basically tells you everything you need to know about the humour in the show.

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A fellow belgian, hallo ou bonjour?

But the beer you guys drank was based on belgian beer I thought.

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Just watched R.J Berger in one sitting

Thank's dan

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What song is that in the beginning?

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@sargeant smiles The song appears to be Why I Love You - Jay Z & Kanye Ft. Mr. Hudson.

In regard to Heroes of Newerth, it's a great game however people dislike the (trolling) community causing them to move over to other variations of the game such as LoL. In my personal experience, I think the main reason the community is so harsh is because the cost of dying is much higher (loss of gold etc.) than LoL. Aside from that, I think you would appreciate the graphics and much faster gameplay in HoN. 

Great podcast, and keep up the great work guys ! 


- mRam

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