2 Chimps Ep. 81 - Soothing Summer Sounds of Dan and John

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Lake Powell, lots of movies, and LoL.

Media Overload

  • Harry Brown
  • Rubber
  • Party Down
  • Horrible Bosses
  • Limitless
  • Call of Juarez: The Cartel
  • God of War
  • League of Legends
itsMEorME97's picture

Kept us waiting!!

nice one dan and john!

Explicit G's picture



Woot, been waiting for this!

gbpackers25's picture

nice been waiting for the next podcast!!!

Nassa's picture

Ah thank you.

What version of "juicy" is it that plays in the beginning of the podcast? Been browsing yt for hours and didn't find it. (sounds like a mashup to me)


What's the name of the second song, used in the end of the podcast? I didnt find a single hit on google by quoting the lyrics.

Sister Moonshine's picture

Do you play LoL with people or just solo? Because LoL becomes a completely different game when you are playing without that one guy that will refuse to do anything except then stay in lane or that other guy that tower dives like a madman. You play with some site followers or something and maybe live stream it. Could be fun and hell even if I wasn't playing with you guys I would love to watch it.

Dan Broadbent's picture

Music from Ep 81:

Notorious B.I.G + The xx - A Juicy Intro (Ha! Yes Remix)

Feist- I Feel It All (Britt From Spoon Remix)

Hoodie Allen - #WhiteGirlProblems