2 Chimps Ep. 80 - The Pookeeper

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First! Great podcast as always.  Its been a while since the last one though 

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You fuckers should move to Canada and put Dylan in charge of your site when the bill passes...

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Or go to Germany. First off, we created beer and I'm sure John and Dan love that. Second Germany is friendly to gamers, and would never pass that type of crap. Also beer, and where would you rather live, a country that's a wanna be America so would most likely do the same thing america is doing, also its ten times worse than any other place in america. Think of any place and its colder and worse than that place (Canada), or a country that has hot chicks and has awesome beer and games, also its kinda like america but they listen to its people (Germany).

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Great podcast as always, dudes. Feel free to send me the specs for your site backgrounds and banner artwork and I'll give it a shot. (or anything else you might need done)

- Sean (uberexplodey@gmail.com)

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U guys should really do video podcasts like you use to. It provided alot more entertainment for people who listen to them. I guarantee that anyone that listens to this could give a shit what u guys look like. In my opinion u really should, and by the way have some guests on..

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So if your ring finger and pointer finger are the same length, does that make you bisexual?

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They are changing the Youtube layout. They are taking out the banner (So I think so from the Beta) and they are making the main panel with all the videos and info thicker.

I recommended All You History Belong To Us by the way.

I tried watching Sons of Anarchy and I couldn't get past the half way through the pilot episode.

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I like Dan's way of thinking reward your loyal fans. If I have a WGG shirt or beer coozie and someone asks me about it I'll instantly talk about the site and how great it is. Question Would you make a WGG Snuggie?

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I hope you guys build up a big business cause it's nice to see someone who doesn't try and wring the money out of all their fucking users or costumers

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I've never heard of John's writing style. It seems much to complicated to me.

The biggest problem I have with writing reviews is figuring out smooth transitions between paragraphs - I still need to work on them. I complete the game, then I sit down and just start writing what comes to mind from what I liked about the game to what I felt could have been done differently. In total, it probably takes me at least six hours per review including all revisions.

I'm definitely looking forward to more Drink Alongs, considering my 21st birthday closer to death is this weekend.

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John, you owe Dan five bucks. Fact: Tig and Kozic feud over a female dog named Missy.

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In response to the topic of MGS4 ever getting to the 360: I would think that it would take longer to convert the game to the 360's coding just because that developer probably would have to lower the quality of the graphics slightly as the engine is probably optimized for PS3 (much like how FF13 looks better on the PS3). Also, there would probably be the problem of actually fitting the game on DVDs and where to switch disks. It would also be pretty sad that the joke about not disc swapping because of blue ray (love how that breaks the 4th wall) would be lost on 360 players since I would wager that MGS4 would be at least 2, or more, DVD disks.

Love the podcast and keep up the good work!

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I noticed you were talking about that whole taboo subject thing, and where you can see things like people dying on Vimeo or Liveleak (Youtube doesn't allow that shit, so no) and you mentioned that Tibetan monk lighting himself on fire, when you brought my mind to the most horrifying thing I had ever seen. There was a post on Reddit with a NSFW tag and a title reading; "Two Kenyan thieves get lit on fire for stealing potatoes." I thought that this would be a joke, so I clicked on the link. Bad motherfucking decision, I was greeted with a Liveleak video showing two thieves being knocked out, doused with petrol, and lit on fire. The reason this was so horrible, as opposed to other things that I've seen, including death in real life (I saw an old lady die of a heart attack, me and my mother were driving this old lady who was having an asthma attack on the side of the road to the hospital, she died on the way there, I was sitting in the seat next to her) was the way that they didn't scream, like in GTA or Battlefield when I light someone on fire with napalm, they just moaned, it was harrowing. This video went for about 5 minutes, at about the 2 minute mark I thought that the one guy the video was focusing on was dead, but no, he started trying to crawl for about 3o seconds, then he just stopped, curling into a ball, and took it.

I'd provide a link, but I don't think many people would like to see that, and I think it's been since taken down basically everywhere.

I found it, NSFL/W http://www.reddit.com/r/WTF/comments/ifo9f/thieves_steal_a_sack_of_potatoes_in_kenya_and_the NSFL/W

Woah what a fucking wall of text, sorry 'bout that.'

Also, if you haven't watched Firefly yet, do so, now, it has Nathan Fillian, one of the best actors ever, and it's a sci fi western.

It only went for 1 season, which is sad considering how good it was.

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@bio267 Are you kidding about Germany being friendly towards gaming and gamers? Germany by far censors and bans (it hasn't banned that many games, but still more than most other European nations) the most games in Europe, Germany is Europe's Australia. 


Also, Germany did not "create" beer, just so you'd know.

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it's only been around for one season but game of thrones is now in my top 5 for best tv show ever. check it out.

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AinEstonia, Germany is not the Australia of of Europe, not sure if you noticed but Germany allows pretty much anything for games. The only way that they are like australia are the internet rules. But the only thing they ban is certain types of music that uses certain types of software, its not really that bad. Germany is pretty good, and by the way since we aren't the creators of beer, then we are the champions of beer. We drink more beer than any other country in Europe and most likely the world.

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@bip267 Oh, so Germany did not ban Left 4 Dead 2 for its violence, or ban Wolfenstein because it had Nazi symbols and a bunch of pictures of Adolf? 

Germany most certainly is Europe's Australia, it may not ban or censor as often, but it does do that a lot more than any other European nation.  So I don't think you should say that Germany is friendly towards gaming, at least not towards gaming that has either a swastika in it, or a high amount of violence. 

Germany and Austria, and few other nations are known for their beer consumption, especially their festivals, but I don't actually think that Germany drinks the most beer, I think Czechs drink more.

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Who cares? Why does it matter? There's no point in arguing about it.

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They could just release the game on the XBLA, hell they could release the directors cut version because Kojima had to cut some content from the game. No the game isn't 50gb because Kojima used uncompressed audio and video for the most part, and he duplicated parts of the game so it could install faster, so in reality the game is only 22gb (estimate) that means it would be on 4 disk. Reason being, the new disk hold 9.7gb 1.5gb they restrict for copy protection, and 2gb they have to reserve on each disk for the redundant assets, so 1.5gb + 2gb - 9.7bg = 6.2gb, then 6.7gb x 4 = 24.8gb. They would have to heavily modify or remove that codec call anyway because Otacon says "We're on PlayStation 3, a Blu-ray disk and dual layered too." Of course they would have to tone down the graphics because it was developed for the PS3 exclusively.

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About the Sons of Anarchy discussion about Tig and I believe the person he hates is called "Kozik", here is a line from the Tig Trager Wikipedia page that proves that Dan is right.

"Later Tig and Kozik talk and Tig tells Kozik to come back when he's in jail and let the new SAMCRO member vote him in. Kozik doesn't want that, feeling it is the wrong thing to do, but he does stay and helps SAMCRO finish things, which Tig appreciates. It is revealed that the root of conflict is dog named Missy."

If you want to see the proof, watch episode 12 of season 3 around the 41 minute mark and you see Tig taking a picture of Missy (the dog) from his wallet.

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Pretty long podcast this time. Love it. It's nice to hear the Schwarzenegger law is struck down. More so since I live in California.

I was laughing during the whole "Watch the Zookeeper VS Toenail get ripped out" part! Should have more of that in the future if you guys can.

Just a random thought: Was there ever a sports-horror game?

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Don't blow off League of Legends!

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The actual version of the intro song plays at my work almost daily. O_O

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I'm watching Sons of Anarchy right now, just finished downloading.

I had to fucking pirate it though, because my country has no Netflix or anything to speak of, and I doubt I could get a DVD.

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I have to disagree with you.

For games (and movies) there's almost always a cut.

In Half Life 1 dead civilians sat down on the ground instead of falling.

The Marines got replaced by Robots and instead of Gore there was Robot-Parts flying.

Nowadays they mostly cut Torture (Black Ops), Nazisymbols (and Words like "Hitler" "Wehrmacht" etc) and mutilation.

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Awesome podcast! Best one in a while if I do say so myself. You showed some real drive and determination in commitment to making the summer productive even in a slow period. However, PLEASE don't just make Drink Along's/Let's Plays of Starcraft 2 gametypes. I'm sure they'd be great because you guys make good stuff, but I don't enjoy Starcraft. By the way, the way you make it sound, Drink Along's seem harder than Let's Plays. Tell Dan to drink milk or something and you can do it all the time. I don't believe you need to get hammered to make your videos entertaining. There are also many other games you could do Let's Plays for regardless of their release dates. I will watch it to support you guys as well as for my own enjoyment no matter what game. Just not Starcraft. 


There is my favorite let's player. He's a nintendo fan boy who probably hasn't tasted liquor in his life, but he makes good shit. Also he has never done a let's play of a game that came out 2008 onward.

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Very Fun podcast

Good job John and Dan

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No link for Pokemon story?

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@ Cooler


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Just wanted to say, loved the podcast and it is disappointing that there will be a break in them for two weeks but im sure John will provide entertainment....maybe.  I also just wanted to say i like the cozy idea and the shirt idea.  I would defenitely like to receive those and i think i would even buy them.  Keep up the great work. One last thing I am probly just an idiot but i couldn't find the link where i can donate from. Once i get some extra money i will try to donate to keep your drunken banter going.

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I would love it if you guys made some merchandise.  I would definitely buy a shirt and drink cosy.  Even if you don't want to make a profit, selling shirts would be a great way to advertise your site because people love reading shirts and seeing something like wikigameguides would absolutely get some people interested enough to check out the site.  I can't tell you how many times people read my shirts and make a comment about it (the most common one is my "college" shirt from the movie Animal House which basically every person I come in contact with has to make a dumb comment).  Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

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I have a suggestion/question: why doesn't Dan talk much about the site or the bussines? I'm not saying that he does nothing but when there's something to talk about involving WGG it's mostly John talking and Dan just giving his opinion. I guess Dan does the less exiting stuff like P.R. with IGN etc.

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John you should definitely try out league of legends!! For being free it is alot of fun and i spend many hours on it everyday with my friends!

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