2 Chimps Ep. 79 - Cut It Out

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you never cease to amaze me, guys

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You keep forgetting the year 2011 not 2012

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Thank you Dan and John, i will go to that anime convention and wear some stupid costume to become like the duke nukem of the convnetion, not like the game but like his life.

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hey guys for shop amazon could you make a UK link because I dont want to convert money to dollars every time I want to support you guys, pls =)

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You know the sad part? I literally just bought $300 worth of video games on Saturday from Amazon. Shame I didn't know about the 'Shop Amazon' link beforehand.

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The term you're looking for is has-been.

Adam Sandler is a has-been.

Jim Carrey is devolving into a has-been.

You guys are NOT has-beens...

You're will-be-even-awesomers.

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why would anyone go dry if you have lotion available i don't understand 

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Awesome podcast guys. I've never done cosplay for a convention but after listening this I'm seriously considering it.

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why you guys haven't had a partnership with youtube, i'll never fucking understand. great podcast and great site. keep up the good work fellas.

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Have you guys watched Game of Thrones? its a pretty awesome show.

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where in god damn is chad, we need someone to hate. be on the next podcast??

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I dont want to sound queer or nothin but unicorns are kickass. Orgazmo, just commenting to comment.

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Time capsules...never really did anything close to time capsules in school. Never even heard of the term during my 12 years in school.

Great podcast, and good ol' John showing his depressed side as usual.


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What up fellas? Hilarious podcast! Thanks for all the laughs over the last few years.  Keep up the good life.

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Your podcast always seems to shed some light on a otherwise dull and dark day at work, keep up the good work and keep raining sunshine on my afternoons.


EDIT: We have TGI Fridays, Popeye's and Wendy's here in Jamaica.

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sandler and carrey = whoring for $$$

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Best Podcast in a while :)

And Fartjokes aren't 'dumb'...they're primal. Back when humans didn't know how to speak yet....they still could fart and burp (and laugh)....and you wouldn't call the guys who invented jokes 'dumb', would ya?

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 I'm 25 years old as well. And I feel the same way about TGI Fridays and Applebees. I remember when I was 16 and love to eat at those place and love it. But now that I'm almost 10 years older I hate them. But I also hate the place you have to take a chance on like burrito king (there one where I live.).  I don't like taking the 50/50 chance of getting something really shitty or really fucking awesome. 

And now how I feel about Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler is going down the family shit tube. And also feel that about a lot of new movie/ TV show  that are coming out now that are made for more family people.  And all it just the same crap over and over.  So like eating out I don't want to take a chance on getting some really shitty.

Other than that you guys talked about jerking off for like 20 minutes. WTF!  And awesome podcast.

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Sons of Anarchy is absolutely amazing. Half sack is the best character in the show in my opinion

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Now, I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothin' but I think references to Orgazmo are great, man!

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I totally agree with you guys about Sandler/ Carrey and you guys are correct about SNL too.  With Sandler/Carrey, they have just sold out.  You can not compare Dumb and Dumber or Ace Ventura to his penguin movie.  And with SNL, they can't come up with new jokes and they majority of their actors are not funny.  For me the only highlights of SNL are Bobby Moynihan and Jay Pharoah.  I don't think things aren't funny because we are older, its just that their humor isn't new or creative (and truly not funny).

Keep up the great work and for your live streams, could you guys give a few days notice for when you are streaming so we can fit them into our schedule.  Thanks guys!

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Funniest episode in a while :D

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I love these shows, but seeing that my country (australia) has gone full Nazi, and the ISP that I'm with supports it, the Internet is getting basically full censorship, sometime in the next few days, so this might be my last visit to your site, considering the things you say in here, and you've got stuff on things banned here. While your country is legalising weed and working towards more freedom, mine is stripping it away, bit by bit. More reason for me to fucking move away from this shithole. Keep up the good work, hope you guys have a great life.


EDIT: It seems they're doing it next month, so I get more time!

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Awesome podcast guys. Sorry I haven't been on the forums, but I've been working as a camp counselor for the BSA and haven't really found the time to put up a blog.

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Thanks for getting me hooked on that!! 

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what ever happened to that video game idea you had

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i listened to the 79th podcast i agree on pre-order bonues no bitvhing people

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