2 Chimps Ep. 78 - 2 Years of Beer

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Great Podcast, you should try for 10 Years of Beer if you can keep it up.

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It's never about Kinnect and Move for me, it's all about the games.  I couldn't care less about Kinnect's new "who's my baby's Daddy's?" DLC gimmick.

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It's hard to believe you guys have been getting wasted for our audio amusement for two years. Oh wait, that's every voice over. :)

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Surprised to hear Mumford at the beginning.

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Endwar actually implemented voice commands really well, but the actual game sucked hard...

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Really meh e3 this year. Microsoft diskinected with it's core consumers. Sony showed some games, but Move was as bad as Kobe's playing. Nintendo's wii u was just confusing and stupid. They didn't even show the console and the controller is uncomfortably looking. Not to mention that it is just a handheld. The real meat of the show was the demos after the conferences. Skyrim and other games looked really good .

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If you like drinking, the bleacher seats are the seats to go to.

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If you like drinking, the bleacher seats are the seats to go to.

I'm a born-blood Red Sox fan, and I sat through at Sox-Yankees game in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium, so I know exactly what you mean about talking shit at a visitors stadium.

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What's the name of the intro music?

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I've listened to every episode :D

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be on the look out for my email regarding the entire podcast history and some questions i have.

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great podcast guys. i agree with the laziness of microsft and their mastery of polishing terds year after year.

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fuck e3 this year but damn it got me hyped for skyrim

and kinda halo 1 singleplayer again(but with the old shitty graphics and shitty german voiceovers^^)

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Lol Colorado Rockies. That story was the best. I do that all the time when the Yankees are in town.

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ICO blows shadow of the colossus and almost every other game out of the water. Who ever told you it wasn't that good is full of shit. Play that fucking game!


Most people consider it to be better than shadow of the colossus, which is praised immensely as is.

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Thanks for two years guys. I promised myself I wasn't going to cry.

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Surprised you guys didn't talk about 3rd party games. Like Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Star Wars: The Old Republic, TESV: Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Ghost: Recon Future  soldier etc. But I guess you guys will talk all about what you missed on the next week's podcast. 

Looking forward to the Duke Nukem: Forever Drink Along™ ;)

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In Endwar you can use the headset to stuff ingame

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@Perf3ct  Little Lion Man - Mumford and Sons

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@Squish92 thanks. Whoever chooses the intro songs have great taste. This is the 4th or 5th one I had to find and download 

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