2 Chimps Ep. 77 - Red Fraction

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THIRD! Oh wait, you have to be faggot to do that :(

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black pussy equal racism

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New podcast player looks sleek.

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Are you guys using this new player for your videos? The player you have been using has been extremely annoying. It freezes and I have trouble rewinding and fast forwarding.

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I agree with John's arguments on Call of Duty Elite. Before hearing John's points I watched the video and it sounds exactly like Bungie.net. The reason that they are charging for this is because it is Activision, the most douche baggy company in the world. They are charging for something that a company all ready does, for free. The extra money they will get won't go to making the game better. Look at the money they got from the two map packs on MW2. After those the game wasn't more balanced, was still broken as hell, and glitchy as all fuck. The only place that the money is going is right in their pockets. They don't care if their product is good or not, only if it makes money for them.

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john, when you get elite, will you like all my videos? thanks.

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I'm not surprised at this move by Activision. As long as they keep the actual multiplayer free then it doesn't bother me. Call of Duty Elite sounds like it has some promise if they can replicate what Bungie has done for the past few years. People will still pay for Elite, but I won't be one of them. I'm not going to shell out my hard-earned cash for advanced stat tracking or to join groups who are allergic to peanuts. I'll take the free service thank you.

Then again, I don't like how stat tracking affects online gaming. A significant number of people only care about their kill/death ratio. It's disheartening to try and win an objective-based match when all your teammates are sitting back in the spawn with sniper rifles.

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I guess next week will be the official 2 years of 2 chimps podcast!


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what was the song at the end?

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@Boss Kowbell

I'm afraid that I am one of those guys. It's kind of a fun meta game to raise your kd. You see, I only care about winning when I'm with my friends. When I'm dealing with the assholes on Xbox Live, I mute them and   boost my kd ratio.

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The new podcast player is the shit. Keep it.

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"Balance" is the wrong word for Call of Duty dude. For me, it's always been a gameplay "Rhythm" factor, and allowing the player to get into a groove evenly.

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I don't mind when people try and raise their k/d ratio as long as they are keeping enemies off the objective, but when I'm the only one rushing the objective and my teammates can't kill shit or keep dying, then I start to rage.

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Wow! That didn't seem like a trailer to me AT ALL! Ha ha ha ha!! I thought some guy on Youtube had voiced it over and made fun of it. Not very professional.

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I don't have a comment, I just wanted to add something to this that I thought was of the utmost importance to this podcast. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny0ix0OyO1c

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After years of learning about games, Dan finally grow-up and hit puberty

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I GOT NUMBER TWENTY!!! Naw Just kidding keep up the great job

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@Boss Kowbel

100% agree with you.  Elite will certainly place more emphasis on K/D ratio resulting in even more people doing great on the scoreboard but losing the match because they refused to play the objective.

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John you should really try to get back into Black Ops. They fixed the spawn system a while ago. Also, this is probably the most balanced Call of Duty, except maybe COD 4.

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if everyone who complains about how elite is charging for the service EVERYTHING THAT HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED ABOUT ELITE IS ALL FREE, THE STUFF THEY ARE CHARGING FOR HASN'T BEEN ANNOUNCED YET. if you follow the people who are making it and developing it you would know. people that complain before the product has been released just need to chill and wait.

Edit: http://www.1up.com/news/what-call-of-duty-elite-offers-free link for prof 

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He can't, because he sent his copy to me.

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I just wanna say i am 16 and i watch the video and it was just shit i couldnt sit through the entire thing it was just horrible 

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