2 Chimps Ep. 76 - Free Ice Cream Day

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Now I know what Im doing for the next hour or two.......

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I didn't enjoy L.A. Noire as much as I thought I would, probably because I felt the pressure to power through the main story/side missions for the review. It took me about 35 hours for a full 100% completion. Although, if I didn't have some time contraint looming over my head, I probably wouldn't have finished the game in the first place.

L.A. Noire is still damn good. Overall, I feel my score of 8.5 is fair, but I wouldn't go lower than an 8.0. I powered through the entire game within four days (I earned a platinum trophy for it on PS3 :D), but I didn't let that influence my feelings towards the game. If someone is playing through L.A. Noire his/her first time for pure enjoyment and not for job-related reasons, I could see him/her liking really liking the gameplay and story.

Also, Jevrio got flamed because he posted an L.A. Noire review after playing the game for a few hours. His blog was a good First Impressions, but when you only scratch the surface of a 20-hour game, it doesn't elicit a favorable response from readers.

The most important thing I took away from this podcast: Who the hell would trade a chicken for a bag of wheat? ;)

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First of all Dan, you're playing L.A. Noire wrong. Play through the game without restarting then replay cases afterwards (if possible). That way you can appreciate the story more without being frustrated by missing clues or questions.

Also, I think that the players opinion of the game (L.A. Noire) will depend if you like the style of gameplay or not. I actually really dug the gameplay, but I do feel somewhat the same way towards the random items as you guys do, but you have to listen to the music. A sound clue will play when you've found all the items, so if it's quiet, stop looking for clues.

Since I dug the gameplay (especially the car chases), I really liked it. Yes, the final four hours I was trying to go as fast as possible, but I only exited to dashboard twice to retry interrogations, and got atleast four stars on all the cases. I stand by my 9.5 / 10 since the game did give me a pretty big boner.

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Finally :) Now I can do my dishes again (don't ask ^^ )

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Homosexuality is gay(see what I did there?)

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Great podcast guys. I especially liked the part where I won stuff.

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Can you post the podcast that you were talking about around the 10 minute mark, the one with about 50 episodes?  I missed it and I can't find it again.  Thanks

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twilight zone is great. when the series goes from 30 min to an hour i think it gets less interesting though.  for next podcast: john i was listening to the pilot of the cast. you mention a curb your enthusiasm movie. i've seen "whatever works" and didn't like it at all.did you see it and did you like it?

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Their address:

NextGenWalkthroughs LLC
5558 S. Yampa St.
Centennial, CO 80015

Had it on a sticky note for a special occasion. 

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"OOH my god there's a spider walking around over there, I'm going to kill that fucking thing"

Nice podcast guys, I don't know why I felt like this podcast was going to have guests, I was wrong.

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@Zestful it's called Walking the Room

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awesome new podcast :D

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I read Life too, it was really entertaining.

Keith is a freak of nature, I have no idea how he has remained intact after all that he put his body through.

Oh yeah, you should approve my blog post, I think its been like 2 weeks (or at least formally deny it)

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what is the name of the eminem song played in the middle???

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I found L.A. Noire to be a pretty unique experience. In an industry dominated (in my opinion) by the FPS & TPS genres, I thought this game was one of those few games that stands out in terms of its central concept: Detective work, finding clues, etc.

Gameplay-wise, I thought there could definitely be some improvements in both the clue-finding/interrogation areas, as well as the traditional gunplay that everyone is used to. The shooting/cover mechanic is clunky, and average at best. The "detective" mechanics I thought were good, and felt like a pretty good first attempt. But it needs improvement nonetheless.

Story-wise, I was gripped. I found the story to be great overall, with each desk being distinctive in their own areas, although all of them kind of had that "it gets good in the later parts" thing.

Personally, I was glad I bought this game.

And Dan is right, Simscraft WILL be GOTY.

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There is no "play" bar for me. It's just the videos.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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LA Noire reminds me a lot of the first Assassin's Creed.

Very fun at the start and very engaging, but you realize pretty early on that it's not gonna get much different.  

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Some 'Till I Collapse Remix.

It's Zyklon B by the way. Sounded like you said Zyklon D.

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The reason they have useless things to interact with is for a hint of realism. When the cops investigate a crime scene will everything be relevant to the crime? No. I never remember you guys talking about how Heavy Rain's investigation parts sucked, they had useless things to interect with.

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how many ppl you can host on a MC server is dependent on your hardware and your internet connection i believe.

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I need some Zyklon D for my nasal allergies.

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Just finished listening to the podcast.. Quid Pro Quo is the phrase Dan was looking for. It's also a chapter in Halo 3.

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Whats the exact name for the till i colapse remix I can't find it at all

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@Pavan, how did you even get that?

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Free Ice cream day? Really?


Who wants to play world of warcraft more? And why? ( Again do not try to play it. It will kill your soul!)

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