2 Chimps Ep. 75 - Mittens

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Firt comment!

Awesome podcast!

After playing Portal 2, Portal 1 was kinda dissapointing.

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"Sony to offer PSN users free identity theft protection for one year"


After one year they throw you back to the old servers and if your ID is stolen.. "You should have bought protection"?

Sony's digging their own grave. (imo)

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"A final episode, Half-Life 2: Episode Three, has been confirmed to be the next installment of the series."


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Warning, nerd rage starting:


You guys are wrong. The Star Wars MMO is called "The Old Republic". The consol games where called "Knights of The Old Republic."


Nerd raged has ended.

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Damn it i lost. Well, just to clarify, there are 4 bathrooms at my camp. There are two big ones with showers, each designated to respective sexes, and then there are the ones for adults without showers that no one uses. I went into the adult women's bathroom assuming no one would be in there. Girl's bathroom just sounds funnier.

By premature I meant it was clearish seamen that a pre-pubesent boy would create.

My dad smiled and gave me a high 5 because I was gone for 7 weeks, not because I indirectly jizzed on a girl's ass. I will admit to stretching the truth a bit, but I really wanted to play portal 2.

I guess a beta code will suffice.

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i got like 10 seconds into the video under the shownotes where you see the guy. i literally would rather staple my eyelids to my balls than fucking watch this bland ass shit again. 

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Please don't post "First" ever again. It is extremely annoying.

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fried cornbread=hushpuppies

i worked at a catfish place in oklahoma, got all that shit for free.

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I think you mean has been announced for a few months.

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John since you said that you where getting tired of the video player, i want to say something to you,


just wanted to say that. anyways good podacest

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If neither Episode 3 or HL3 get announced, you each buy a keg and make a drink-along for the Half Life Series so far :) That would be awesome :)

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I think they should do Drink Alongs for not only brand new AAA titles, but also older games like you said. Wouldn't mind seeing Half Life series. Amensia: TDD would be awesome. Maybe some System Shock 2.

That sort of variety would give the site an esoteric selection of quality content. Broad strokes.

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The Michael Scott finale of the Office was very touching and I agree that Community is a quality sitcom, Abed alone makes that show.

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Oh, and are you guys going to post your E3 predictions as a blog post or something?

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Having played WoW for four years, the problem with the content isn't that it's consumed too fast, it's just really god damn easy. The content from The Burning Crusade compared to the content from Wrath of the Lich King, is that if you compare the content from the two the content of The Burning Crusade was not only better it was more fun and challenging.  The content of Wrath of the Lich King was just made for people who are mentally retarded, The Lich King was a complete joke outside of 25man Heroic. The only hard raid in Wrath of the Lich King was Ulduar.

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I've always thought of creating a rape game. My idea is more of a mmo where everybody tries to rape each other. Haven't worked out the details, but rape sounds a lot funner than t bagging. Another game idea I have is a school shooting game. An Action-rpg with some strategy elements.

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Guys please make a guide for Brink it's very hard with bots and I feel like it would bring lots of traffic to your site and it would be a good guide for you guys instead of a drink along


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Holy shit you found out about GameFap from Benzai thats fucking awesome. If you guys want to watch more funny vids about other nerdy stuff check out thatguywiththeglasses.com, I think that the Nostalgia Critic vids are very funny, everyone who contributes to the site are funny in their own way. If are only interested in games check out Blisteredthumbs.com for the Angry Joe reviews.

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if you two have any interest in animation or more specifically pixar then check out "the pixar story" in instant.

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I think the reason that GOG has the Witcher 2 on it and region-free is because GOG is owned by CD Projekt RED, that's why they've got it uncensored for us Aussies on there.

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brink is a BS gamer solo dont play it easy gamerscore but your AI is fucking stupid as fuck they dont help LOL only thing they can do is capture command posts lol

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