WikiGameGuides Turns 1!

I shut down 1 year ago today. Since then, nearly 20,000(!!!) pages have been created on

It feels like just yesterday that NextGenWalkthroughs came online. I still sometimes accidentally call the website NextGenWalkthroughs at the start of my videos...

But on March 28th, 2011, I redirected all traffic from to And if you have been following this site closely, you probably know that the change in name was not in vain.

The New Wiki Format

If you build it, will they come?

One of the scariest things about building WikiGameGuides was that there was ZERO guarantee that anybody would use any of the features that I spent nearly a year crafting. I am very happy to say that tons and tons of content has been created.

19523 pages in fact! This includes blog posts, guides, wiki pages, and achievements.

  • 886 Blog Posts
  • 447 Guides & 4403 Guide Sub-Pages. That's 9.8 sub-pages per guide
  • 2045 Wiki Sub-Pages and 91 Wikis. That's 22.4 pages per wiki
  • 155 Achievement Lists and 5912 achievements
  • 434 Game in the database

There were also 11360 comments and 5243 registered users!


What Do You Want To See Next?

I have a TO DO list a mile long with hundreds of small fixes and new site features to incorporate, but what do you, yes YOU, the person reading this article right now, want me to work on next for the site? More drink alongs? More features to make managing your guides or wiki pages easier? More color on the site? I want all of your suggestions and crazy half baked ideas.

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A voting system like reddit or replying to comments would be awesome John! 

XION's picture

A video podcast, comment quoting and replying, maybe an online live chat for the site.

Tactical777's picture

haha half baked ideas

explicit_baron's picture

I feel like I contributed a little to the success, but a very small amount. When will you be posting a new to do list John? Congrats WGG members our kid has turned one, everyone drink up I'm buying.

BR4D_F3163's picture

Congrats fellas!!!  Walkthroughs are great, podcasts and drink alongs are hilarious, and I have never had a problem loading any page or video on the site. Can't wait to get a Blackmagic in a couple weeks so I can contribute as well. Keep it up!

Josh Kowbel's picture

I just wish to see more quality content from WGG's members. I need help writing reviews people! GET ON IT!

Benjamin Weeks's picture

How about that Badge idea. Or is that dead in the water.

Scumbagb3n's picture

Happy 1st launch day anniversary. 

If you could change the comment system a bit- " so and so has replied to your comment".

NicksGamingHub's picture

i think you should put some more features as a contributor avaiable

explicit_baron's picture

@joshkowbel I have a feeling that the WGG community is as lazy and as much of a procrastinator as I am and it's a problem. We willwork harder. :)

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do more livestreams. ive followed you guys since 06-07 and congratulations. you guys are funny and would like to see more content as well.

8six7five3oh9's picture


- More content of popular games, stuff  I'm interested in playing (i.e. saints row the third)

- More blog type posts from you and Dan

- Again, achievement videos

Keep up the good work, love your content!

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Maybe a second podcast where you invite your more active contributors as guests to discuss video game related news.

RGAE QIUT's picture

Less podcasts about movies.

Less iphone ipad games, i don't mind wasting a £1 to see if a game is any good, it's the £40 games i want an opinion on.

apart from that it's all good.

Adam Page's picture

More people interested in obscure games, perhaps you could import them in boxes?

NoobSauceG7's picture

Happy Birthday WGG!  
I agree with less movie/tv show talk on podcasts.  It can still be there but not at the detail you guys go to at times.  

Of course more sweatpants diaries haha.  

I like the criticism that you give games as you play them (for example during the ME3 walkthrough you talk about issues you have with the game like day one DLC and that stuff) but maybe have a video review of you talking about the game while there is gameplay in the background so I don't have to watch every guide video to get all the pros and cons. 

More content of games that are current.

Keep up the great work guys!

Goldteddy's picture

Maybe a Beta section that showcases games in beta of interest.

Maybe a Overall Cleaning of the site, such as videos that no longer work, Copy n Paste Pages for guides.

And the last thing that kinda goes under my first suggestion, a Page where you can vote for the top 5 upcoming games you're most hyped/interested in with links if they happen to be indie.



Perhaps allowing  the User to customize their Account page ala Youtube with baggrounds to make it abit more Personal than it already is.

MrArchebald's picture

More drink alongs and normal walkthroughs, but both of you have to voice it over!

Kill it Kill it with fire's picture

Drink Alongs with old school games would be awesome!


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I have thoroughly enjoyed following yours and Dan's work and watching nextgenwalkthroughs blossom into the site that it has become today. I would like to make one suggestion. I would love to see a bigger push for more miscellaneous posts, something for the community to really sink their teeth into and express themselves, rather than just the typical review and guides that are more widely encouraged. I believe a more abstract take on gaming posts will make the community blogs more fun to browse and interact with. For example the '10 Commandments for which one much take a drink' was simple yet still very fun to read. Even my own post of 'You Found a Cliche' was rather well received and it did not follow the usual convention of gaming news, reviews or guides.  And as always keep up the good work!

Jigramut's picture

Hot damn this is great you guys! All I could really ask for is for you to keep doing voiceovers of any kind. Your stories make even the dumbest game worth watching all the way through. 

Red_Baron2011's picture

I think in terms of the podcast, if you can pull it off, special guest need to come back. I find myself enjoying those the most and going back to them even long after the gaming information is old. They're generally funnier.

Cheeseisbestyes's picture

Maybe more "lists" from you guys or contributers.  People seem to love "top 10s" and stuff like that...more reviews as well.  I know first impressions are kind of reviews, but they are still different than reviews of finished demos or games/game accessories.  I feel like more people on youtube will search [Game name] Review, over [First Impression] of [Game].   They probably have much more long term hits than First Impressions.  Anyway, congrats on a year!

Aquapit's picture

Wow, a year already. Congrats guys!

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

This site keeps growing bigger and bigger both in content and user-base. I'm proud to be a contributor.

Charlie Walker's picture

Well done guys for surviving the first year. Just keep the content coming and i'll be happy. 

I agree with the others, more Guides and content from contributors (Including myself hopefully).

Half Baked Idea: WikigameGuide Achievements. Just like any Xbox game have your own set of achievements or accomplishments for the users on the site. For example, Upload one piece of content (20 Space Points) , comment on 10 pages (10 Space Points) or comment on 100 pages (100 Space Points) etc.

Dunno if it is even possible but I thought it was a cool idea. 

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nelson1tom's picture

my account has been around for 1 year and 32 weeks

stephenage's picture

Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see what other antics you get up to in the years to come.

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Happy Birthday WGG,

              I've been with you guys ever since NGW and here when WGG was in beta.  It was pretty disheartening to see and had some issues when NextGenWalkthroughs was taken down, But both John, Dan and our community proved me wrong and showed me that the idea of the community driven super wiki was had many advantages.  I wont ask for anything except to keep up the hard work and keep doing what your doing.

         I'm proud to be part of the WikiGameGuides community and I hope everyone else celebrating this birthday feels that way as well.

         Keep up the awesome work!

bestinthewest99's picture

Ive been a proud fan ever since NGW when i needed help on Zelda TP lol

Semblance's picture

 I want all of your suggestions and crazy half baked ideas.

I'm surprised that Ainestonia hasn't come in and suggested a DOTA 2 livestream yet.

pTeach's picture

Happy birthday WGG! Would love to see and hear you playing through games (or parts of games) from yesteryear that were your favourite games/parts/acts on past consoles or PC...Games such as God of Wars, GTA 3/San Andreas, Prince of Persia, MGS, Orange Box, etc. with a beer or two and a yarn would be fun, roll back the years for many of us, and sounds like a good excuse to have a beverage and a laugh!

Please keep the podcasts coming, having (friends and WGG) guests occasionally back on sounds good!!

As a h/b idea, some of these names wishing you happy birthday before mine I have been seeing for some years now (e.g. explicit, josh, rebelink, etc. etc.) and if they were keen to have their gaming histories/memories of NGW/WGG discussed, shared with the viewers!?! Hey, I'm from NZ, we still say hello to strangers walking past you in the street without worry of being shot or a court injunction...

Keep up the good work, to many more birthdays!!

explicit_baron's picture

@pteach explicit? Do you mean me, I doubt it. I don't think people want to know my story. No guides, old film reviews and I'm the only person on Nextgentacos who plays PS3.

DracoAvian's picture

Congrats, guys! Lots of hard work was put into the site, and I daresay... It is better than NGW. But WGG will always be NGW in my heart.

As for things I'd like to see... I realize that video is what you guys do, but sometimes I just want to listen to music and read articles. Well written game reviews (Thanks to people posting those!) that can give me an idea of what the game really is are on my wishlist. Multiple perspectives are better than one, so don't worry about doubling up on games.

Good luck on year two! I'll be sure to tune in!

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