WGG NFL Pickem 2011 Complete! 24 People Won Coozies & More

I'm pretty sure a few of the 24 people who beat me in our WikiGameGuides NFL Pickem League missed a week of picks. I had an AWFUL year in fantasy & Pickem, so it didn't really take much to win.

The only thing that kept me interested in NFL this year was, you know it, TEBOWMANIA.

As long as you ignore the last few weeks of the season, being a life long Broncos fan has been a hell of a ride. Between week 7 at Miami and week 14 vs. DA BEARS, I have not had this much fun watching the NFL since my true Lord and Savior John Elway and Terrel Davis won back to back Superbowls.

Anyway, onto what you really care about.


  • Top 24 (anybody who beat me) gets a beer coozie
  • 1st place gets a $60 Amazon Gift Card (llcoolj)
  • 2nd & 3rd get $30 Amazon Gift Cards (YetiFan575 & SirGoodies8)
  • If you already have a coozie and won, congrats! You get a second one. We're trying to give away the rest of our original order of coozies so we can order new merchandise.

The 24 WikiGameGuides NFL Pickem 2011 Winners

  1. llcoolj
  2. SirGoodies8
  3. YetiFan575
  4. Chris Reed/FeedMyToilet
  5. feelmyfusion/cshaip
  6. hendy/pissedonurchips
  7. Xorbi
  8. Tactical777
  9. deezone4
  10. markoswald_
  11. H3ADxACH3, misonchapin
  12. Boss Kowbel
  13. jreinKs
  14. altair0
  15. Area 51 Escapees/lfcdan1
  16. RaffyRTM
  17. fireboy1414
  18. jaketeach87
  19. Memo Packers
  20. WGG Johnny Lightning
  21. AndBaconStrips
  22. delta_25
  23. The Paperboy
  24. Eddycrocs

Claiming Your Prize (Due by Jan. 31st)

If you see your name on the list, you need contact me and send me your mailing address with an account that uses the same username you chose for the pickem league. Here's the order of priority:

  1. Send me a PM through this site
  2. Tweet me your information
  3. Use the contact form or email wikigameguides at gmail dot com

Closing Thoughts & Ideas for Offseason Gambling?

I really enjoyed doing this pickem league again, and I will definitely do it again for the 2012 season. But i want to want to set up something we as a community can gamble on throughout the year. I'd like to have it gaming related, but that's not a requirement. I've heard of sites that let you guess the sales numbers and NPD ranking for new game releases, which would be perfect because it's only once a month and we could give out monthly prizes. But if anybody has any ideas for interesting pickem/gambling leagues we can participate in as a community, I'd love to hear them.


Josh Kowbel's picture

Woot! Now I can use a new beer coozie to keep my current beer coozie cold. I'd say finishing 12th is pretty good considering I've never played Pick 'Em before.

RaffyRTM's picture

Only need to use 1 of the 3 ways to contact you? right? I sent you a PM.

John Tarr's picture

Yup only 1 of the 3

brodyitis's picture

I was 3 wins away from another koozie. Oh well, it's better that they get spread around more anyway.

Sayeed_Ali's picture


Sayeed_Ali's picture

Sorry. Posted in the wrong place.  Now posted as requested.

explicit_baron's picture

I came in 42nd right before ExplicitG.

II RickyBFC II's picture

Damn, I don't know anything about American Football :( England is all about Association Football.

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