WGG NCAA March Madness Pool Complete!

19 of 79 entrants scored better than myself and won a beer coozie. If Kansas won, ONE person would have done better than me. FML.

WikiGameGuides NCAA March Madness final standings.

  1. ken kanif 1, ken kanif
  2. soonersts28 1, soonersts28
  3. The Lame Ranger 1, The Lame Ranger
  4. misled_and_manipulated 1, misled_and_manipulated
  5. FanBoy93, Paul_Da_Third
  6. whiskey_wiseman 1, whiskey_wiseman
  7. Lazyscranton730 1, Lazyscranton730
  8. KorruptxKiller 1, KorruptxKiller
  9. geofcrouse 1, geofcrouse
  10. markoswald_ 1, markoswald_
  11. a.sutton04 1, a.sutton04
  12. Puhill 1, Puhill
  13. Tactical777 1, Tactical777
  14. cshaip 1, cshaip
  15. 2619jason 1, 2619jason
  16. Courtdizzle1503 1, Courtdizzle1503
  17. GrimReaper_23 1, GrimReaper_23
  18. DatKass9 1, DatKass9
  19. Apophus77 1, Apophus77

Claiming Your Prize (Due by April 15th)

If you see your name on the list, you need to log in and post your mailing address in the Group Conversation at the link above, or send me a PM on the ESPN site.

There were too many people creating fake accounts on this site and trying to claim prizes after the NFL Pickem league, and I will only send out prizes to people who contact me through ESPN.com. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Josh Kowbel's picture

Too bad I didn't win. I already have two, but what's one, two, five, twenty-three more? You must have it so hard though John, that nearly twenty fans won a free item with the site's brand to help remember you, Dan, and all the drunken debauchery. I pity you. ;)

FanBoy93's picture

Top 5! I think I deserve an extra something for guessing the score correctly. Just sayin.

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