WGG Com-Cast Episode 1: Science and Religion, Best Friends

On the inagural WGG Com-cast, we talk Next Gen Consoles, Crysis 3, HD Remakes, and Halo 4.

Simon Wu & Alex Miller decided to do a much more gaming news focused podcast. Check it out and let them know what you think!


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Microsoft’s New Music Service

  • Could it be called Xbox Music?
  • Prepping the waters for a smoother Xbox v. Next launch?

Will the Next-Gen Consoles Fail?

  • When will the next gen consoles be released?
  • Disk drives, used games, will it, won’t it?
  • Is our Internet capable of handling all downloads?
  • What else do we really need at this point? (Insane graphics, smaller footprint, more efficient, more media services?)
  • 10 years down the road? What about an all-in-one TV, console, set top box?
  • Will we see motion gaming come standard now, be unable to get a SKU without them?
  • What do you want in the new consoles?

Crysis 3

  • What do you make of the overgrown NYC environment and bows as the featured weapon?
  • Is the Stephen King domes with each having a unique environment gimmicky, or is it a compelling vector?
  • Will it be one of the first cross platform games with the next gen consoles?
  • Can they make gameplay more nuanced than 2: more than cloak, regen, repeat?

Can Halo CE Anniversary Start a Trend of Major Franchise HD Refreshes?

  • What if old favorite titles like Call of Duty 1 and 2 were given MW3 graphics? Is that enough for you to buy them? Would you pay $40 for them?
  • If not, what if they added more content and expanded?
  • What are games you would like to see fully rendered with the latest graphics?

Halo Fourgasm

  • Will this be the last Halo game for 360?
  • Will 343’s apparent new tactic of trying to be more emotionally connected and involved with a darker and deeper story work? Will it be their defining mark?
  • Should his personality and humanity be left to secondary material, because that was Bungie’s approach and it worked very well?
  • Co-op: normal and iconic Halo style, or more trying to copy Call of Duty spec ops with Spartan ops, both?
  • They say that it will take place aboard UNSC Infinity, there will be plot for it, and that they will release content regularly. Is it a new iteration of episodic gaming? Having episodes as part of a major release, so that they don’t fall apart like previous attempts?
  • Is trying to crowbar story into multiplayer really worth it? Does it matter? Is it just going to be a skin deep justification, and that’s where they’ll leave it? 
PigheadedBobobo's picture

Great cast guys, glad to see some people besides be who actually read the books. I'm a huge Halo fan so I'm glad you guys touched on it in a huge way since Dan and John barley talked about it. Personally from what I understand Spartan Ops will be a separate co-op campaign, basically to prevent people from trading it in. 

I would just like to point out however that Pokemon was actually the first major franchise to rerelease games.

Also, fuck yeah rooster teeth!

puffthemagicdragon's picture

On Itunes it has a play time of 0:00..idk if its just me but just making aware.

RAM's picture

did you import it into itunes after downloading? Right now we are only able to post it to the site for you to download, though we should have it on itunes soon. Thanks for listening

swu's picture

Strange. It has the full 90 minute runtime for me on both iTunes and Zune.

Milleniummaster18's picture

Since Dan and John were the factor that attracted me to WikiGameGuides, I listened to this podcast in a semi-defensive stance (I am, indeed, a geek who is afraid of change. Well, at least in here). I eased out around a fourth of the way through, though. You did well for your first time, let's see how this plays out over your subsequent iterations of this podcast.

So, you won't be seeing a petition started by me for you to stop doing this.

Or will you? Mwahahaha.

Scumbagb3n's picture

Is this temporary or permanent?

dalton32389's picture

audio had noticeable echo. like you were recording in a garage or something. i listened to the whole thing as i played fez. you two are well spoken and knowledgeable. the audio needs work. thanks.

swu's picture

Thanks for the comments guys. We know there's an echo; we'll try and fix it for our second time. And we are aiming to make this a permanent fixture around the site, biweekly when there isn't a 2 Chimps.

explicit_baron's picture

I'm about to listen to the podcast. Is this like the 4 gamers in the alleyway podcast (RIP)? Can contributors sign up to be guests in the podcast?

RGAE QIUT's picture

Woooo Hoooo a gaming podcast on a gaming website. Saves me skipping through a hour or so of movie chat.

swu's picture

@explicit_baron No, we felt the previous community podcast, PBUH, cut a little too close to what Dan and John did anyways with 2 Chimps. We're going for in-depth analysis and discussion, and not banter, on topics that people like you will hopefully find interesting.

And, as we mention, we'd love to have insightful contributors from the community join us with their thoughts.

Diksickle's picture

@ explicit_baron I do feel bad that the other community podcast died, i had fun, but unfortunately the host became lazy and decided to end it . But were moving on to bigger and better things, such as this great podcast, i really enjoyed it, different from 2Chimps but i much prefer more topic based discussions like this podcast.

brodyitis's picture

Much better than our old podcast. I hope to be a part of it in the future.

explicit_baron's picture

@diksickle It's funny I thought of the name of the 4 gamers podcast and did the 10 second introduction for the first podcast and then I disappeared never to be heard from again.

Diksickle's picture

@explicit_baron Yeah i have no idea what happened there, but the podcast stopped because ernie dropped off the face of the earth. As for you disappearing from the podcast, that is a matter that would need to be taken up with ernie. 

explicit_baron's picture

I have to agree with you guys Star War Battlefront 1 and Mercenaries 1 were GREAT multiplayer games. I'm talking about splitscreen multiplayer. Those games should come to Xbox and PS3 with online multiplayer, no need for an hd upgrade, they're that good.

Solifluktion's picture

Great Podcast :)

I totally agree on what you said about KotOR. They should totally release an HD remake. I want to kill Sith Lords with Canderous Ordo on my side... just like in the old days.

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