Tribes Ascend Beta Gameplay and First Impressions

Tribes Ascend PC beta multiplayer gameplay, Soldier class. Running at medium settings, 1920x1200.

You can get beta access to Tribes Ascend by liking them on Facebook

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well the microtransaction thing is almost identical for most free to play games:D so its not just lol they are "copying":)

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I feel like this game is very reminiscent of Unreal Tournament and Quake but much more open. The skiing and jet-packing would definitely be a huge gameplay factor to learn and master. I think it will be interesting to see where this game goes and the type of fan base it establishes. I'm looking forward to it.

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this game looks sick, its like a combo of halos rockets and portal gravity. but mainly halo, looks like it got alot of great aspects to it and would love to see a few drink alongs for this just to see john get progressively worse as he drinks. and would love a beta key

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The sound you get when you kill someone in this game is satisfying as hell. I would love to try out the beta. And are you guys doing a first impressions of the new GTA III on the iPhone?

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Tribes came out far before Halo, a ton of games have copied its play-style since then. The fan base is quite large and there are veteran players out there who have played since the beginning. I think it looks both challenging and fun. However, free to play encourages children to swarm into the game.

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I want a beta key.

I plan on putting it on my shitty lab top that would explode if I even tried to play it.

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You guys do realize there's a link right there that shows you how to get the key? Is liking something on facebook really that hard? Jesus christ.

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Yeah I know, I already got one.

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You guys should really do a HAPPY WHEELS drink along.

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@urdanoob That game is pretty epic- would definitely make a good drink along

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